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    Gill Detail

    Looks cool man Andy.
  2. it was a good watch though, you don't see too many videos like that explaining the weight points etc, I thought it may help some with getting closer to a decent action if starting out, I'm yet to build a diver, but will be shortly! Andy.
  3. Hi guys, I came across this video today, I found it interesting so I thought I would pass it on. Hope it's useful to someone Andy.
  4. Very cool good information thank you. Andy.
  5. Did the different blade shapes have a different effect on the hunting action? Interesting idea, well done Andy.
  6. How you apply your twist eyes is very interesting, i like that idea Andy.
  7. Interesting take on things Rich, I'm only new to bait making, to be fair I've come into this hobby with a view of making baits 6" plus, my idea was to always do through wire construction, why? Because I see it as a more bulletproof option if someone else is using one of my baits, just a confidence thing maybe, in case the worst should happen. I've seen a few videos testing twist eye strengths & I agree they would take some removing if correctly implemented, I don't know, I just feel it would always be at the back of my mind... the what if it gives and pulls out scenario, is there any
  8. Good point that maybe explained my test results from the other day when the 2 fish went for the lure when it rolled with a side flash! Like this hunting idea! Andy.
  9. So did the companies actually get back to you? Sometimes its about getting to the right people! Best of luck sounds a great bait Andy.
  10. Dave have you a link to your published solution? I would expect it's a good read. Andy.
  11. Yep totally agree with you Big Epp, I'm keeping plenty of notes so will be able to cross reference information. Vodkaman's ballast calculator started me off on the right track, so big thanks to him, I will keep learning and hopefully the next outing may have a fully working lure! I have actually been wondering if I was fishing the lures too aggressively on the rod jerk part of the testing, causing the roll, this again will need to be tested with a more subtle jerk style, I've been that used to fishing the shop bought jerk/gliders I have, it never even crossed my mind. Andy.
  12. Cheers for the info mark I will be making some more test blanks up when my products arrive, so I will give your idea a try, it's always interesting to learn, second time lucky hopefully! Andy
  13. Have you watched this bud, may give you an idea for testing your bait out.
  14. I'm going to have a think about what I can change & then make a few more blanks up in the coming weeks & test them again, I will let you know what happens my friend! I was both happy & deflated after the initial tests it's difficult when you've spent so much time on something. Andy.
  15. Hi guys, as promised, I can now share the first outing results, of my initial resin test blanks. I hope a few of you can give me some guidance moving forward please. The lure blanks that I made are all identical one piece lipless 7" flat sided, rounded edges, jerk/glide baits, the tie eye was placed on the centre line, the belly hook directly on the centre of gravity point & the rear hook on the centre line. Having weighted all 10 of the blanks in differing positions, I found that a 50/50 ballast split front & rear had the closest action to what I was after. The bal
  16. Good advice thank you! Like the both sides down part, didn't think of that Andy
  17. Ahhh that is interesting info buddy, no microballoons added to this particular blank It's a relief you have had the same issue & have given advice, Thank you Andy.
  18. Cheers buddy that's the plan, these are my test blanks for use as the master in the next stage I see how putting the wire in the mold speeds everything up big style, so good advice & I will use it! I just hope at least one of these testers has the action I'm looking for, it's taken me ages to get to this point, learning as I go though lol. Andy.
  19. Thanks for the input guys, I think I have it sussed now after a good few tests, it would appear that after a number of holes are drilled the problem occurs, this would suggest to me that it's the drill bit getting hot and melting the resin that I am seeing, I will however keep an eye on it! The blanks seem solid right through, put it this way I wouldn't be snapping one lol Andy.
  20. Hi all, So I had made a few resin blanks about 3 weeks back now, they have been sat indoors while I was ready to carry on with the next stage. Today I drilled the eye holes on the blanks and notice on around 3 of them, that when the drill bit was reversed out of the hole it appeared to be a little wet. Seems strange too me, all resin was mixed the same by weight, and well staired and the issue was only on 3 of the blanks, so I am a little bit confused. I wondered if it could be the drill bit getting hot causing this? Or if it is indeed that the resin has not fully cured dur
  21. Thank you my friend I will give it a go! Andy.
  22. Hi all, I'm having a bit of a nightmare I've carved a lure blank with flat sides but rounded edges, forgot to put a centre line in before hand. Please can you advise if there is an easy way to help me find the centre line? So far I've tried calipers but the rounded edges are making it really hard to mark correctly, I've also tried balancing the blank on a knife edge but I've coated the blank in a sealer and it's shiny and just slipping. Totally messed up here ain't I Is it an eyeball job? Andy.
  23. Well.... I re'made all 10 of my test blanks, at the last minute I decided I wanted to try something different with them, so started all over again so yes I have been busy! I will get round to actually testing some baits soon ha ha Andy.
  24. I too have thought about the water pump idea, will it work though? I'm very interested to find out! Andy.
  25. Interesting video that Dave nice & clear to follow, so it could be a trade off between the desired sink rate wanted in a bait or having a bait weighted correctly to achieve the fluttering down action. Andy.
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