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  1. you guys have been very helpful so far and so i have a new question. I want to build a cheap solution for uv light.Like box wise.Whats a good budget way to start experimenting with the uv cure resins?
  2. @Vodkaman would it be better from now on maybe I should not seal the lip slot with etex and just use the devcon and glue the lip in?
  3. yea like right now i can just grab and twist kind oh hard and they come out cleanly no wood with it or anything thats why i thought maybe its the etex im sealing with that may be causing the problem
  4. I been having a problem maybe you guys can help me out. i wanted to add that i seal my baits with etex even the lip slot.then i glue the lip in with devcon 30 minute epoxie. Could the devcon not be bonding to the etex? I been making Balsa baits and sent a few to some people and when the baits are fished hard against rocks etc the lips fall out.I have been using 30 minute devcon to glue. Are they anything stronger i can use or any tips that may help? forgot to say im using lexan as bill thanks guys
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