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  1. Hello fellas, I was wondering if you guys could provide any info on options for injection machines for mass production? I currently have a shooting star but im looking for something bigger. A Zorn would be overkill si not looking into that. Im currentyvlooking into baitjunkys and the big blue by ultramolds. Information is somewhat limited on these two so if anyone could provide more info that would be greatly appreciated. Also, are there any other options available? Thqnks for the input
  2. Google says theyre permanently closed. I wonder if thats under the previous owners
  3. Can anyone reccomend a company that can mass produce lures from custom molds. Im looking at costs and wondering if outsourcing may be more cost effective. I know a lot of these companies may require a bare minimum of 10,000 baits per color and i'd be good with that. Anyone have an idea as to what that would cost? Im sure it varies per mold but a ball park figure? Thanks in advance fellas.
  4. I have tried many ideas, many plastisols, shooting at higher temps but im still not 100% satisfied with the strength of my tails. I've cut in diagonal as opposed to straight and it has helped. What are some of the things you guys are doing to strengthen the bond? Also, which plastic is more effective with this? I need something on the firmer side
  5. I just did. I got a quote from clearbags.com and it was double than the cost of alibaba, even with shipping. I ordered 30,000 customized bags for $1,900 including shipping.
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