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  1. That sounds like a good idea I will remember this for later thanks!!!!
  2. I do know lure parts online has plastic anchors, but won't that be the same as just casting the eye into the mold???
  3. Hello I think I have found a good way to put screw eyes in a cast mold but I don't think it will work because of the threads on the screw eyes... I was going to jb weld a nut on to the end of a screw eye and then cast it into a mold but I don't think the threads are the same.and I was thinking about using something like the second pic but I don't know if they make them that small. Any ideas? or am I over thinking it I don't want my eyes to fall out haha.
  4. I think this air is put intentionally to make the bait noise down when paused on the bottom other baits like the mat lures bluegill have this as well
  5. I think it is supposed to be like that so it stands up like that
  6. As you see in the added pic this is a well known lure known as the Huddleston swim bait. My question is if you look closely under the rear treble hook there is a pocket of air. how does one go and add this into a soft plastic swimsuit is it injected with a needle or something inside of the mold??? I know they use this for when the bait sits on Botton the back end of the lure sits slightly upwards presenting a very very natural bait...
  7. Was this a wooden bait or a cast resin bait?
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