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  1. Lochie


    I apply 2 coats of resin on my timber lures first before the paint work, that way I have a smooth surface to paint on. But the problem by doing this is that it takes a full day to apply the 2 coats of resin before I can start painting. My question is there a way to decrease the curing time? Also can I apply 2 part epoxy resin over a UV cure resin? cheers for all replies
  2. Thanks, I do use Createx paint. Everytime when I finish with a colour I just spray plain air from the airbrush to dry the paint, but I good idea using a heat gun when in the wet season.
  3. The paint has been left to dry for about 45 minutes so it might be contamination
  4. Cheers for all the information, everytime I mix my clear coat I wait about 30-40 minutes just to let it thicken a little bit. So maybe it’s to thick by that point and doesn’t have time to self level. Before I apply the last clear coat I’ll give them a light scuff over and leave the resin to sit for 15-20 minutes and see how that goes. I have been using gloves when painting so I don’t think it would be that. I should clean out my spraying booth and see how that goes too. Thanks again
  5. I brush my clear coat on
  6. Hey everybody, I have been struggling finding a good clear coat that doesn’t bubble or create craters. I live in Australia and was wondering what everyone uses? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lochie
  7. Lochie

    Lure movement

    Thanks heaps for your reply
  8. Lochie

    Lure movement

    Also just looking at the lures after using them, I’ve noticed that one of them the clear coat epoxy resin has gone all cloudy. Why is that?
  9. Recently I have made two lures and tested them today. Weirdly they just glided through the water with absolutely no action, not even a slight wobble. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks heaps for your reply
  11. Thanks heaps for all the info mate
  12. Hi, I’m just wondering what makes a good swim bait? I’ve tried making some and they didn’t swim at all. I put lead in the body but they didn’t sink, so do I need to put more lead in? Also does the head section need to be the bigger section to get more water resistance? This is a 3 piece mullet lure I’m making out of red cedar. Any replies will be appreciated.
  13. Lochie


    Thanks, do yo you water based or oil based when painting your lures? If you use water based do you have any problems like chipping or peeling?
  14. Lochie


    Hi i recently bought a prep 4 in 1 water based primer sealer undercoat and was wondering if this would work? Cheers Lochie
  15. Thanks for all the help, I’m 19 and only starting out. So any hints and tips are really appreciated.
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