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  1. Hey mate, the resin that I’m using is a 2:1 part resin and cures in 8 hours. Thanks
  2. Hey mate, I’m in Australia and I’m just using Fibre Finish. It’s a 2:1 part resin and cures in 8 hours. I’ve recently made a new lure and tried some new stuff. I tried a shot glass, stainless steel wire to mix, a new brush and left the lure for a week before clear coating. There were no fish eyes for probably an hour, then when I checked it the next morning there are literally hundreds of fish eyes. Thanks for the reply
  3. Yes I have tried that that before but I’m still having the same problem.
  4. I haven’t tried sealing before. Just 2 coats of resin to get a smooth base
  5. Thanks heaps for the reply. I will definitely try wiping the lures down with acetone a few times before painting them and see how that goes. I do make sure the paint is dry prior clear coating, I let them sit either on the bench or infront of the fan while I clean and pack up the painting stuff. Cheers
  6. Hello After 2 years of constant problems with my clear coats and nothing working, I am hoping someone will be able to shed some light on my problems. I’ve tried multiple different brands of resin but they are all fish eyeing. The process I do when making my lures. Step 1: carve and shape lure Step 2: apply 2 coats of resin step 3: lightly scuff lure then wipe with wax and grease remover step 4: wear latex gloves then paint lures using Createx step 5: apply a coat of resin This is when I’m having problems with it fish eyeing. I live in a tropical area where the humidity is relatively high. I work in the garage so a dehumidifier might not work. Do you reckon if I put a little bit of acetone in the resin this will thin it down and help with the fisheyes? Any help will be appreciated as I am at a loss of what I can do. Thanks Lochie
  7. Hey mate, thanks for the info. I wanted to let you know that I tried letting it flash off for a bit and that seemed to of fixed the orange peel so far. Thanks mate
  8. Hey everybody, just replying on this topic. I recently purchased some new clear coat as I have been struggling finding a good clear coat. The new stuff is automotive 2k resin and is meant to be used out of a spray gun, but I use my airbrush. When I spray the resin on the lures it becomes very orange peely. I am just wondering what is causing this and is there any possible way to fix this. I hope it can be fixed as it was expensive, $160 AUS for 1.75L. Thanks for any replies.
  9. Hey mate, it might just be the picture about the bib being crooked because it looks pretty straight when holding it. When I say it doesn’t swim stable I mean it’ll swim straight, then it will dart to the left/right and swim on its side. Then it goes back to straight. Maybe it needs more weight in the belly to prevent it from toppling over? I will try and get a video this weekend in clear water. Cheers for the reply!
  10. Hey everybody. I’ve recently started making a new lure design, and when test swimming it, it doesn’t swim stable. The lure is 120mm long, 35mm deep and 15mm wide. It’s got two size one ball sinkers in the belly. Any help as to how to make the lure more stable would be much appreciated. cheers Lochie
  11. By blotches of resin I mean it’s like the resin has lifted off the lure. The resin was smooth when applied. Thanks for adding these links
  12. I don’t think it would be moisture because the lures has been finished for a few days, and it has only happened to that lure and one other that was in direct sunlight I the car.
  13. Gday fellow lure makers. I finished making a couple of lures a few days ago and they turned out really good. But today I had them sitting in the car and the resin went very cloudy and they had some blutches of resin, like bubbles in areas of the lure. And I was just wondering why this has happened? Did the resin over heat? Before and after pictures thanks heaps for any replies
  14. Cheers for all the info mate
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