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  1. Hard to argue the lead was clean, that's for sure. I will accept your advice and flux the heck out of the lead next time before putting it in the pot. And thanks for the website. I ordered 100 hooks from CHUCKANDDEB. PayPal so if I don't get them, no worries. Money back. Many thanks!
  2. Hello and Merry Christmas to all of you lure makers out there! I have just started to cast jig heads and after some mixed results with melting and pouring directly into a mold with a ladle, I bought a Lee Melting Pot. After first melting what I think was fairly pure lead (not from wheel weights) in a pan and fluxing it with candle wax, I poured some ingots. I then melted these ingots in the Lee pot and fluxed it again with a small dab of wax. I began to pour with temp dial set at about 650. As I poured the jigs (and they poured fine), I noticed this strange oxidation product forming on top of the lead. I'd remove it with a spoon and it would form again like something out of a horror movie! LOL I emailed Lee Precision and they don't quite know what to think about it either. Have any of you ever experienced such a phenomenon while using a lead pot? On a second note, I am finding it next to impossible to find Eagle Claw 2190 swim jig hooks in size 2/0. Sizes 4 and 1/0 are no problem, but finding 2/0 has been impossible for me. I don't understand the "why", but it makes no difference, I can't find 'em!! Any thoughts or sources for these? Many thanks!
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