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  1. If the blank is not damaged, 2pt thread finish. Followed by Perma-Gloss rod finish. You only need a little at a time, 2-3 coats. I apply it with a coffee filter, let each coat dry approx 6 hours. I use this on all my rods, very flexible!!
  2. Don Mang


    bogdan_alex, can you post a picture of that set up. I like to do DIY projects! Thanks, Don
  3. They work good for stream trout also. I also use live one's.
  4. I built this lathe to turn my cork handles, out of a $5.00 sewing machine motor, and $6.00 bushings.
  5. Thanks guys for your input! I bought some cheap 2.5" crankbaits to practice on. For now I'm clear coating with Rust-oleum 2X ultra cover. Due to the cold weather. Warm weather I think I'll dip KBS. BobP,,, I restore Mitchell reels, and have painted a few. I use Dupli-color perfect match automotive spray paint. And clear coat coat with Max 2K glamour clear. It's a two part mixture in a can (outdoors a must). This is a very hard clear coat!! I'll try post a reel that was in very bad shape. I've been fishing it for 2 years in saltwater, and banging it on jetties and a wall. Still in goo
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    Gotcha, my bad sorry.
  7. Don Mang


    Ok so yesterday, I did my first lure. Now I know it's not as good , as some of you seasoned painters. But I think it will be fishable. So I thought I'd show it. Since it's going to be 50 degrees later in the week, and PA had a pre-season trout stocking (catch & release) I hope to get out and try it, along with some refurbished spinners. Also painted a Mitchell 308, that was missing a lot of paint. The paint is a little dull but after it get's a clearcoat, I think it will pop. That has to wait till spring/summer to get it outside, I like to use Max 2K glamour clear on reels.
  8. Don Mang


    Thanks for your input guys. I did find the sizing chart, yep #8. JD_mudbug very nice bait.
  9. Don Mang


    I recently bought an airbrush kit. I also bought a pack of 2.5" unfinished crankbaits (Amazon). I want to use them for trout, I want to make sure I order the right size treble hooks. I use a size 12 regular hook, so I'm thinking if I order a 12 treble hook they'll be the same size, am I right? I'd also like to know some suppliers online, at this point the only one I know is Barlow's tackle. Any help in starting this hobby will be appreciated! Thanks, Don
  10. I'm new to air brushing. I'm going to be painting some reels (metal). Spinner blades, jig heads, I'd like to hear some recommendations on what clear coat to use. Thanks, Don
  11. Might want to give this a try, Krylon fusion all-in-one.
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