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  1. Does anyone have one of these tools? Every place I’ve looked for the last year has been out of stock. If anyone has one that could get me some detailed measurements I’d like to try and 3D print one. It looks like a pretty simple design if I just could find all the dimensions. If I can get this to work I’ll post the STL files back on here for others to use. Thx for any help with this. https://barlowstackle.com/Bench-Mount-Production-Skirt-Tool-P2592/
  2. A small update. It was cloudy and rainy today so I left the baits in the curing box all day from about 8 this morning till just now (9 pm) and they do feel some better. It’s suppose to be sunny and in the low 50’s tomorrow so I’ll put them in the sun tomorrow and see what the outcome is. Hopefully the Alumi UV will fix the problem as this isn’t gonna save me any time the way it is. Thx again for all the reply’s.
  3. I finally decided to build a UV curing box and have a question for you gurus. I built what I consider a really nice box lined with all plastic mirrors and 2 40 watt LED UV lights in the top. I would have been as well off with one but for $38.00 I figured I’d just go ahead and put 2 in it. Anyway I decided to try it out today. First let me say that Alumi UV is on back order so I got some Chinese stuff off Amazon to try it out. I painted & coated about 25 spinnerbait’s for my test. The UV coating was as hard as a rock in about 15 minutes on every spinnerbait but they are tacky to the feel. Have any of you guys run into this? And will the Alumi UV take care of this. I’m gonna put them out in the sun tomorrow and see what happens. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thx
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