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  1. Thanks for the additional info, guys. It looks like I have several options here, so I will have to test them out and see if they will work for me.
  2. Thanks again, JD_mudbug. Very helpful information. If blade wear will be an issue with the powder paint, perhaps I will be forced to go with a black nickel blade and a black powder painted body (if I am unable to source a matching black nickel body in the style that I need).
  3. Thanks for that info, JD_mudbug. Much appreciated. Yes, the smaller size blade that I intend to use was part of my concern. It seems like it might get thrown out of balance a little easier than a larger one (if the powder paint was indeed going to be an issue). I'm a big fan of the black nickel blades, as well. My only concern is that this spinner will also have a black body, and I wish for them to have a matching finish (I intended to powder paint the body using the same paint, ensuring that they would match). If I could find a source that had matching black nickel blades and brass bodies for a reasonable price (I will be looking to purchase 1,000) I would definitely consider going that route, but if I could save a considerable amount of money coating them myself I would prefer to take that road for now. I have also been toying with the idea of using a black blade dip, baking it and then spraying it with UV Blast. I'm not sure how that would look/wear over time, however. My main goals are to have a matching black finish for both blade and body that is consistent and durable, but also one that does not cost me an arm and a leg to produce. Time/labor to produce them is not as great a concern.
  4. Thanks for that info, Basseducer. That's good to hear. I will definitely test the blades for proper function after being coated. I would make a few now to test, but I do not have the spray gun or powder paint yet, so I wanted to run it by the forum first, before purchasing those items. Normally I simply run brass and nickel plated blades, but I have a design in mind that would work best with an all black blade, so the powder painting will be something new for me.
  5. Hello guys. I've got a quick question that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I would like to know if powder paint has any adverse effects on spinner blade function. To be more specific, I wish to paint (with a spray gun) both sides of a Hagen's #1 french blade with black Pro-Tec powder paint for use on an inline spinner. I have heard some people suggest that it can negatively affect the blades ability to spin properly, while others say it has no effect on the blade's performance. These spinners would be made with the intent to sell them, so 100% reliability is a must. Any insight/observations from people who have done this would be greatly appreciated.
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