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  1. Here it is ready for a bass. I call em brown bettys
  2. I'd just throw some bbs in there
  3. Thanks, I just used a knife and a sandpaper by hand I don't even use a block it seems like it's easier if that makes any sense haha , I'll have to make a glider cause I forgot what they even did lol
  4. Hey nesccesity is the mother of all invention! If you've never failed you've probably never tried !
  5. One fine day last year my dog chewed up my Xbox controller so I took the joysticks out and cut the backsides down to a reasonable circular shape. Next I got my lure blank a coffin body popper I whittled and drilled a hole into the front face of the bait , you will want to sand it first and refine the front face so it will fit the joystick so you'll avoid cracking the wooden drill holes. When I went to insert it I played with the lip (joystick) angle and angled it slightly downward and glued the lip and a eyelet screw into the front face. Then I let it set up and put some jb weld around where t
  6. When I first started I didn't have the patience required because I only used a knife, sandpaper and a few files, so I ended up drilling holes with files and cracked alot of smaller projects
  7. New member to this site and lure building and enjoy everything fish related. I build wood lures mainly for bass and pike. One day I just thought I'd try my hand at building lures and have made about 10 that I actually caught fish with and tossed alot of failures.i don't get too fancy with my paint jobs or anything , I use firewood and whatever I got laying around to see what I can frankenstein together. Amazing information on this site !!
  8. I am new to this site and build lures when I get time . This lure was originally a smaller jitter bug I carved with a razor blade , but I switched directions to a glider/dog walker. I added one small cone weight in the tail and a larger cone 3/4 of an inch ahead. The center of balance was the midpoint, after I added the weights it sits tail slightly down witch is what I wanted, but there's too much ice to fully test and fine tune. if anyone has any input id appreciate it! I'll post a pictures as well.
  9. I have a really crappy handsaw and a razor blade and sand paper , a few files, a guy definitely earns it without decent tools lol
  10. Reminds me of a bass Areno , the carved lip on a bass Areno is more aggressive on the ones I have compared to that
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