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  1. Does anyone know who manufactures the soft plastic baits for Ozark Trail (Walmart)? I see the package says “made in the USA”. I haven’t heard anything about Southern Plastics making them. Ozark’s are so much lower than the rest of the companies that use Southern Plastics it just seems strange it would be them. Just curious. Appreciate any info. Thanks.
  2. I’ve searched through the forum and didn’t really find much so please forgive me if I missed a related post. Does anyone know of a company to source soft plastic baits from? I know about D&J and have been in contact with them, but their 6” finesse worm is just a little thin for me. Does anyone have experience with anyone else? I have heard that D&J has one of the lowest minimum order limits at 1,000 pieces per color. Any other place similar or are they mostly 20k+ thanks for any info. Just looking to branch out into more areas and unable to keep up with the output needed.
  3. Yes, sorry. I forgot to add that into my original post. I will add that now. I definitely hold pressure as well.
  4. Hey guys. I’ve read about 25 threads on dents and almost all of them have to do with the stick bait “thumb” dent. I’m looking for advice on eliminating these dents on my curly tail lurecraft mold. I’ve shot between 320 and 350 fast and slow. Just can’t get rid of them. Using Bait plastic 262 blend. ***EDIT: I also hold pressure 10-15 seconds each time
  5. Not at all. I always have enough to top off and spit a little back in the cup.
  6. I’ve shot it at every temp from 280-345. Same problem on the same cavity every time.
  7. Tried opening the vent a little more. It feels larger than the rest. Held decent pressure for a solid 10 seconds. And the same cavity does the same thing. You can see the bubbles all the way on that one side. Should I try to make some vents perpendicular to that cavity along that side?
  8. Awesome. Thank you very much. The stick bait molds I have from them have vent lines on both pieces and I never have problems. I will try and open them up tonight.
  9. Yes that’s exactly how they are. I have 3 molds from Lurecraft. A Diamond tail, Curly tail, and stick bait. All are completely round. No flat sides.
  10. I have a Lurecraft 6.25 Diamond Tail Injection Aluminum Mold that I am having problems with bubbles as well. From searching all the threads it seems the only thing I havent done is increase the venting. Would you have any tips on exactly how to do that? I will attach a pic of the mold. The vent lines are at the bottom, but they are only on 1 side of the mold. This picture does not show them very well. I have reached out to Lurecraft, but no answer yet. mold link: https://www.lurecraft.com/625-Diamond-Tail-Injection-Mold-8-Cav-2-Pc-Allum/productinfo/5XLU-17345/
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