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  1. Have any of you guys painted the new do it hollow body frog? How well does the paint hold to the bait? How big of a pain is it to give the frog it’s “legs”?
  2. I have been using the regular liquid colorant
  3. Hey everyone, I have a color that I am trying to mimic and I can’t seem to get it right. Has anyone ever recreated strike king’s green pumpkin purple swirl? I have tried using lureworks purple but it doesn’t look the same and doesn’t work as good as SK’s
  4. Kyler M

    Eye size

    Can y’all help me find an eye size chart for my hard baits like 110 jerkbaits, Pop-R’s and 2.5 square bills
  5. Kyler M

    Paint brand

    Hey y’all I’m gonna get started painting my own hard baits, I have made plastics for about a year now and I’m happy with where I’m at on that side of things and want to expand. What brand do you all use for your plugs? I have been doing what research I can but I’m still confused on what brand of paint to use and all that
  6. Kyler M


    Rich as in dark?
  7. Kyler M


    Hey y’all have any of you used Lurecraft’s purple colorant before? I just got my dual injector in and my go to color is green pumpkin purple swirl in a rage bug and want to get it as close as humanly possible
  8. Hey y’all I’m wanting to make some green pumpkin purple swirl cause it’s killer rn here in Indiana but I can’t find any purple pigment. Does anyone where to look? TIA
  9. There’s definitely money in it but it can cast a little or a lot at start up just depending on what you get and from who
  10. Kyler M


    I am looking for unpainted balsa plugs that only have the lips and rings on them. I am not the best at wood working so i do not want to waste the money on the completly un finished baits. anyone know where a feller can get some?
  11. For those of you that sell your plastics which do you guys find is the most popular swimbait size. (3.8" or 4.8") I normally only use these sizes and I'm hoping to buy a new mold in one of those sizes I just want to see what you all have the best luck selling. Thanks for the help!!
  12. Kyler M

    New rod

    Hey ya'll I need some help. I am looking for a new spinnerbait and chatterbait rod because the one I am using now just loads up way to much on a straight retrieve no matter the size of the bait. Right now I am using a 7' Medium Heavy fast action 13 fishing Defy black, and I normally throw 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2oz spinnerbaits and 3/8 & 1/2oz Jackhammers. What do you all recommend? I would prefer a Duckett rod because they are not only one of my sponsors but my best sponsors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Dirty Sanchez is reaction innovations summer craw in my opinion.
  14. Kyler M


    Hey y’all I’m thinking about saving up and getting the Old town Sportsman Auto pilot 136 so that if I have a couple hours after work I can just load it in my truck and go and don’t have to use my tourney boat do any of you have this kayak or one damn close to it? Any opinions on it would be greatly appreciated!
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