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  1. They got back to me yesterday and said they have dual injectors in stock so I immediately tried to order one and they are still out of stock. So I guess I’ll just need to keep checking back.
  2. Well I guess I’ll be looking at other manufacturers since Dead On is out of stock on 5 gal buckets. I'm still waiting for molds to get delivered and still looking for a 2” swimbait mold.
  3. I’ve been searching thru posts for days looking for info on what’s a good plastic for panfish plastics but came up empty. I’m strongly leaning towards picking up a 5 gallon bucket of Dead On Plastix but not sure if I should get Worm Blend for better action or Swim Bait or Craw Tube for more durability. Like I said I will primarily be pouring 1.5”-2” baits but would like something that is also somewhat versatile. I know I could just pick up a gallon of each but I would rather not waste money on something I’m not gonna use. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I tried multiple emails so I guess I’ll try and call them tomorrow. I ended up placing an order for a single injector today. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up a dual as well. I appreciate all the help.
  5. I appreciate it Jig Man but I’m not sure a 38hr road trip would be cost effective. Lol. Although I am gonna call them to see what’s available and if they ship.
  6. I know this is my first post but i’m really hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I’ve been soaking up as much info as possible from you guys before finally taking the plunge and rounding up the necessities. That’s where I started running into a problems. I’m looking for a Bass Tackle dual injector but they are out of stock. I tried emailing them to find out when they would be back in stock but never received an email back. I know some companies are struggling with what’s going on these days but does anyone know the status of their injectors or the company? Any other suggestions
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