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  1. Thank you SlowFISH. Great tips and pointers. I will give this a try.
  2. I am using the 120 ml Aluminum Injector for Soft Plastic Plastisol Fishing Lure Mold Tackle DIY Making. The temp is close to 350 degrees. The temp in my work area in ambient temp for outside. 75 - 80 right now.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Yes the injector itself is binding up quickly. I am extracting the liquid into the injector then going straight to my molds and it is super hard almost immediately to push it in to pour into the molds. I have tried to spray pam into the rod slid of the injector but it is not working.
  4. I am new to mold pouring soft plastics. I cannot seem to get my soft injector to go but just a very short distance into the mold before it gets impossible to inject into the mold. I tried to just pour out of my pyrex mixing cup but the plastic does not get all the way down into every crevice of the mold. Can someone help me with this problem?
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