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  1. BTL

    Flex 200

    Thanks for the review. I'm itching to try this stuff.
  2. Baitplastics has a new formula called Flex 200. That's probably the one. Anyone tried it yet?
  3. BTL

    Foaming resin

    I am in Virginia, a fairly high humidity area. This wasn't a problem at all during the winter and early Spring though. At first I thought it may be because I was using the last remnants from an older batch of resin, but then I opened up a new package and had the exact same foamy results with the new stuff. So I think it has to be humidity rather than moisture in the bottles. I have some white too, I may try that next to see if it behaves any differently.
  4. BTL

    Foaming resin

    The last few times I went to pour baits (Alumilite RC3) I noticed the resin was expanding in the mold, and afterward when I dropped the baits in the water, they floated, instead of sinking like they used to. From what I've read, this is foaming due to humidity. I'm pouring indoors but I guess it's still a factor. I spent months getting my ballast and microballoon ratio exactly where I wanted it for a steady sink with a nice wobble. Now it looks like I have to start over again and change the formula based on the time of year. This is making me want to get away from resin altogether. Is this right, or is there a way to achieve consistent results without constantly tinkering and wasting material based on ambient humidity?
  5. I'm glad it's not just me. DOP gets rave reviews from most people and sells out as quickly as they stock up. It's nothing but air and yellow plastic for me. Not even sure what to do with it. I don't understand what the difference is between experiences, I know not everyone is degassing it. I really want to try some MF, but the price does kinda scare me off. Very intrigued by easy stretch.
  6. If I need a vacuum chamber just to use Dead On, I think I'm gonna stick with Baitplastics. It's much clearer too, not to mention less expensive.
  7. So I just got my first gallon of Dead On, and I don't have any problem with viscosity, but the bubbles are intense. There is more air than plastic. I'm using black label saltwater and stirring with a stainless steel butter knife in a pyrex cup, using a microwave. The pic is after 60 seconds in the microwave before I've even stirred it, it only gets worse after I do. The bubbles aren't just on top, they're suspended throughout the plastisol. It's also very vecloudy, which may be due to the bubbles? It sets up fine but the appearance is awful. Prior to this I was using baitplastics and never saw anything like this.
  8. I'm dying to try Easy Stretch, just putting it off because of shipping $$. Would you say ES is as durable as saltwater plastic? How about clarity?
  9. I'm glad you mentioned the injection runner, that was another dimension I wasn't sure of. I think my bait is about .70 at it's widest point, so I guess I may want to widen out the runner below the port. Yeah it will eat up a lot of plastic, but it's worth it if the results are better.
  10. Great reply, thanks. I was planning for a 4-cavity mold. The baits will be single color, I paint them afterwards. I didn't think about the wire cooling the plastic, that's interesting. Maybe that's part of why my hand poured baits have been inconsistent. Sounds like I should probably go for somewhere between the line tie and the belly hook hanger since that's the thickest point. Maybe a small vent on the back near the tail.
  11. Hi guys, new here. Been reading like crazy for weeks and finally joined, what a wealth of information this forum is. Anyway, I'm tired of inconsistent hand poured baits so I'm planning to make a 4-cavity injection mold for a wire-thru soft plastic bait I've been working on. I don't have a picture on hand, but the bait is similar in size and shape to a Rapala Subwalk, just made of soft plastic. The line tie and hook hangers are in the same locations. This will be my first injection mold and I'm not sure where to locate the sprues and vents on this bait. My first thought was to put the sprue on the chin just below the line tie. Another idea was to just make the sprue straight out the tail, meaning I'd be injecting right over the rear hook hanger, and just trimming off the plastic after I'm done. I'd like to place it so it's both inconspicuous and also fills efficiently. Im also not sure if there's a strategically advantageous location for vent hole(s), or if a vent can go anywhere. I'd appreciate any suggestions for locating the sprue and vents!
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