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  1. JD_mudbug, this mold looks very similar to what I would imagine. My CNC machine is coming soon, so might experiment with molds or maybe making one with CNC. I also asked coupe people in the industry, so if they point me to the right direction, I will report it here thanks for all your help!
  2. Yes, I guess I will need to come up with a custom solution or go another route and make a closed end with a cup washer. I though it would be much more efficient and easier if I could buy it somewhere. Thanks everyone for your help!
  3. Thanks, JD_mudbug! It seems beads are spherical. The one in the bait is the half a sphere. But I will check Etsy. Thanks!
  4. AZFisher, thanks for the reply. It seems this one is the hollow one, not a weight. The one on the pic is heavy and has a cylindric weight which goes to the tail hole.
  5. Hey guys, I'm experimenting with wire-through tuna stickbaits now (40-100 g). I see that many manufacturers as well as custom builders use tail weights at the end of the lure (see attached image). It serves dual purpose - weight and masking the rear hole. I was trying to find where to buys them with no luck. Do any of you use them and if so where do you buy them? What is the called? Thank you!
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