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  1. I have ordered more supplies and they are starting to arrive. I am not sure about shipping yet, I expect to pay around 10 per package to ship within North America. I hope to ship out 1 dozen, then post all details and videos like I've said. Vodkaman if you'd like to just see the video no problem, but I'd like to send you one. And Big Epp I'd like to send you one, maybe JD mudbug, Hillbilly voodoo. Don't worry about sending anything back me, only if you want to. Im just hoping the people who receive comment here about what they think, and hopefully it's a person with a long comment history
  2. Vodkaman thank you for your insight. Lawyers drive me nuts. In the end it's always sour, not enough money. I would do a deal on a hand shake for $20. Just to have "invented by" on it and not a single lawyer involved. I read your part about the effect on future design patents with companies even looking at your idea. Depressing. Maybe the only advice you could give to someone here is that if you want to make any money, the only sure way is to quickly build and sell as many as possible. The part about really only having 12 months maybe less to make money. I think you're righ
  3. Hillbilly voodoo thanks for your reply and advice. Yes I'm targeting the smaller size trout. 100m from my house in a small river. I'm going to work way up to the larger ones. This photo would be the average size Brook trout that I catch. Everyone I see here uses worms. I think the river is to overgrown for a fly rod, but I've ordered and received a tenkara rod, I bought some WalMart cheap flies to try, when the bugs start, and I can see the fish jumping, I'm hoping to catch the limit.
  4. JD_mudbug Thanks for the buzz bait tips, and design leads. I was trying anything with those in the photo. Your right, they'll need a major tune up. I had one spin opposite the other. It made a nice V wake. I read about a single going off to one side. Also smaller spinning opposite a slightly larger one behind it. Also something about benefiting from a stiffer wire. I got those tiny blades so cheap, so light weight I blow them around on a wire at couple 1000 rpm. When winter comes around and things are frozen again I'll hit the testing tub. Photos attached of the two you mentioned. St
  5. Hello, everyone This topic has been covered before, many times, all over the place, new ideas, patents and prototypes etc.. I'm going to post a whole bunch of links from great members on this site, and other Interesting sites I've found. Then I want to explain what I would do, and take any advice/ suggestions anyone might have thanks. https://patents.google.com/patent/US2817921A/en https://patents.google.com/patent/US4671007A/en https://m.bassmaster.com/tips/how-invent-bass-lure https://www.sportfishingmag.com/fishing-lure-designers-who-have-changed-tackle-indus
  6. hello again. JD_mudbug I'm very lucky that you responded here and to maybe have a bit discussion with me. What your saying about a few things. your comments on this topic You say the french blade is the best blade on clevis spinner. Then you rate all the other blades in spin and thump on a clevis. You say that a spinner bait will out thump, and possibly out spin any clevis. Nice spinnerbait you made. I don't know a thing about pouring lead or painting spinner baits, and haven't gotten around to dressings up and jigs. You mention the spin being somewhat tight on the swive
  7. Thank you for your reply. Yes your right. The french blade is the way to go, it's the best spinning blade, on a clevis, on a inline spinner. Thanks for the links. Those blades in your link to Barlows look like a exact match to the rooster tails, and around $7 USD for 50 blades is a good price. Thanks for the link to the other thread there about blade thickness and it's effect on the slow thumping of a french blade spinning, and much more. You're very informative, I probably saw you mention that shyster lure here in the past. I've read a lot of great stuff here and I hope no one
  8. The first 4 on the left in the first photo are mine. I was able to order two sizes of Sonic blades, in silver and gold. You can see the next 2 are Panther Martins, and their blade is smaller. Mine spin very well, they start right away with little effort. I have a small light weight gold colour 2mm metal bead behind the blade then a plastic facceted gold bead and another 2mm gold bead. Together the beads weight next to nothing and it's the same for both of the sizes I have. No matter the light weight on these inline spinners they seem to want to spin. For the larger blades I used .7mm wire and
  9. My favorite lure for Brook trout in small rivers and creeks is a tiny Panther Martin. Part of a series, my guess is that it's 2g or 1/16oz. The wire diameter is about .5mm or .0196". It has a in-line Sonic blade that spins great. I've found some on the internet to purchase but none are exactly the same. It has a tiny hole and all the ones I buy, the holes are larger, and it seems to make the starting speed to get spinning, higher. To throw small spoons and spinners I use a ultralight rod, lure weight 1g-7g, with a 2000 series reel. I put 10# braid with a double uni-knot to 10'-12' or 3m
  10. Hello everyone, I've been trying to make lures to target brook trout in rivers and creeks for a little over a year. I started with a dime, drilled it, bent up some wire, made the clevis out of wire, it was a homemade in-line spinner. It didn't work, it didn't spin. Since then I have learned a couple things about crafting small wire lures by making them, and testing. I've looked everywhere on the web for info, and tried to read it all. I'd like to share a little here, get some help/feed back, and hopefully help out a bunch of other people who are just starting out. A big thanks to everyon
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