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  1. If you can't find the twist tech https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005001679748603.html?gps-id=storeRecommendH5&scm=1007.18500.187585.0&scm_id=1007.18500.187585.0&scm-url=1007.18500.187585.0&pvid=e364242e-079f-491a-a93e-33fbcf8001bc&_t=gps-id%3AstoreRecommendH5%2Cscm-url%3A1007.18500.187585.0%2Cpvid%3Ae364242e-079f-491a-a93e-33fbcf8001bc%2Ctpp_buckets%3A668%230%23131923%238_668%230%23131923%238_668%23888%233325%2312_668%23888%233325%2312_668%232846%238115%232000_668%235811%2327172%236_668%236421%2330824%23304_668%232717%237561%23321__668%233374%2315176%23677_668%232846%238115%232000_668%235811%2327172%236_668%236421%2330824%23304_668%232717%237561%23321_668%233164%239976%23296_668%233374%2315176%23677&pdp_ext_f={"scene"%3A"8500"}&browser_id=980ad14155d742c08ac4e108bd3d6b66&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=17b26ab28581ecefd4f823337aa1b4e6e75c72c7fe&gclid= https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1920974007.html?gps-id=storeRecommendH5&scm=1007.18500.187585.0&scm_id=1007.18500.187585.0&scm-url=1007.18500.187585.0&pvid=e364242e-079f-491a-a93e-33fbcf8001bc&_t=gps-id%3AstoreRecommendH5%2Cscm-url%3A1007.18500.187585.0%2Cpvid%3Ae364242e-079f-491a-a93e-33fbcf8001bc%2Ctpp_buckets%3A668%230%23131923%238_668%230%23131923%238_668%23888%233325%2312_668%23888%233325%2312_668%232846%238115%232000_668%235811%2327172%236_668%236421%2330824%23304_668%232717%237561%23321__668%233374%2315176%23677_668%232846%238115%232000_668%235811%2327172%236_668%236421%2330824%23304_668%232717%237561%23321_668%233164%239976%23296_668%233374%2315176%23677&pdp_ext_f={"scene"%3A"8500"}&browser_id=980ad14155d742c08ac4e108bd3d6b66&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=17b26ab28581ecefd4f823337aa1b4e6e75c72c7fe&gclid= https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32847232752.html?spm=a2g0n.detail.0.0.3f0113f3NeNjZB&gps-id=platformRecommendH5&scm=1007.18499.187582.0&scm_id=1007.18499.187582.0&scm-url=1007.18499.187582.0&pvid=f11d5f10-2d9b-4d71-a228-87a78e162598&_t=gps-id%3AplatformRecommendH5%2Cscm-url%3A1007.18499.187582.0%2Cpvid%3Af11d5f10-2d9b-4d71-a228-87a78e162598%2Ctpp_buckets%3A668%230%23131923%2394_668%23888%233325%2312_8499%230%23187582%233_8499%234696%2321885%2317_668%232846%238115%232000_668%235811%2327172%236_668%236421%2330824%23304_668%232717%237561%23321__668%233374%2315176%23677&pdp_ext_f={"scene"%3A"8499"}&browser_id=980ad14155d742c08ac4e108bd3d6b66&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=17b26aa36321fa586877e482e3021e50f7bcf67fe3&gclid=
  2. Hello JD_mudbug Good they made it. I wondered about the envelopes with just bubble wrap. But I know I over secured them a bit to much. I'm glad you like them. Thank you so much for taking them out on the water, the detailed report and pictures. Congratulations you're the second person to ever catch a fish on this lure, and you hold the record for most fish. I tried again last weekend at the bottom of a dam. I was standing in a foot of water 5 feet from shore next to a drop off a old concrete wall, I kept expecting a big Pike to chase it out of the deep at the last second. Nothing. At first I hooked a little bass on a inline spinner there though. Yes this lure design does have a small fish feel. I find it has a lot of drag so it spins at very low speeds, a nice slow roll like you said. The small swimbaits were what I had and what started with. The hooks I had were #8 and #6. Enough with the excuses though. 1A-1B will start with 1.5mm SS and a 5/0 EWG. I ordered 5/0 down to 1/0. I'm hoping for a +10lbs bass look to it. What will be what 95 percent of people want to see. Having a larger hook and bigger swimbaits may stop the blade strikes. A medium fish chasing little fish is what I was going for. The idea about territorial predator fish not being in the mood to feed but angry at any smaller fish that might try to feed near them. Since we're still in this tread, where I over analyze a homemade patent, and you've seen and remembered a ton of lures. Have you seen anything like it? With experimentation recorded in my notes, it's the opposite curves of the sequences on the chain that makes it possible. I know you have mentioned this lead ban before. I got away with it because I wasn't flagged for inspection maybe? I'm not a business, I'm sending a personal package? If someone does report me in the future? I wanted to send you an example and I thought you probably don't have a 1g 1/32oz jig head. On others I've made up I didn't include the lead jig head because they are HH hook clasps for EWG's. Thanks for looking out for me. The way I made these I was thinking is one was the gold was for shallow water and the EWG hook. The silver was glow in the dark made for a jig maybe a 3.5g or 7g to get you down there. I wanted the hook to ride standing up to hook the top of the fishes mouth. Sounds to me like you switch them how you like, maybe it runs sideway? If you do, good for you, I never tried that. About your unbent lure for the streams. I'm in the streams and all I get is 25 bait fish in a panic following every cast. I have watched tiny bait fish feeding in small schools in the river. If I jig this lure off the bottom I can get a very similar random tiny flashing feeding pattern. Or maybe load it up with heavy beads and troll it around later in the season? Good luck whatever to whatever you make. Thanks again. p.s. I'm working on a 1B-1A, totally different, no chains or sequencing, it has magnets.
  3. Best wire forming tool for me is jewelery pliers. One side is a cone and the other side is a curved channel matching the cone. Not the more common double cone style you'll find at the dollar store. The wire may pinch a bit on the sides, but I round off the edges on the cup side with a file. These pliers along with a needle nose with smooth jaws to make some tight wraps. Making different size loop, bends or angles, maybe only with pliers?
  4. I buy little coils of stainless steel orthodontic wire 50g / 1.76oz each. Diameters range from .5mm / 0.0196" or 1/64" .6mm, .7mm, .8mm, .9mm, 1mm / .0393" or 3/64" you can also find 1.5mm / .059 or 1/16" .5mm might be between 30 to 40 feet. For $2.50 CAD all totaled delivered for each one. When using small diameter wire, I had a problem with the holes of a clevis being to large and making the whole clevis sit off-center on a thin diameter wire. To much wobble or never being lined up right to begin with. A clevis with holes just slightly larger then the wire seems best.
  5. On a tip from from Apdriver this is the "flashy swimmer" It has a tiny little blade in a willow shape. Maybe at one time they had a double blade version. It has similarities The double wire around the main wire I had seen twice before, and I copied it. One was on a lure out of Australia with twin willow blades off a main wire. I have a picture somewhere. I have a similar tiny blade like this "flashy swimmer" with just one hole in a willow shape and a herringbone pattern. I tired it, but it didn't spin half as well as a sequence tipped with a Colorado blade. 4 was the ticket, 5 was to many. The alternate back to back convex / concave curve of the tiny willows is what makes it spin so nice. That's where the magic happens.
  6. I'm glad they made it, and happy you like them. It's like fishing jewelery. I spread the wings hard with my thumb and bend back a bit after. Tarnishes to quick, but still looks good. I hope some technique with this lure works for you. Thanks for trying them out. Good luck on the water.
  7. great stuff https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC6eVTYpYuNzfQf428Pe2NgQ/videos
  8. congradulations! frist fish ever caught on a underground spin. i downloaded the picture. i had it out two days ago, lots of little fish chasing it along the banks of a river, no fish big enough to bite it. i was trying a slow jerky retrive along the bottom. I know everyone would probably like a larger diameter wire to feel better about targeting larger fish. But you see the tube for the clasp i was using was a great fit for that 8mm wire, doubled over. Sorry to hear about the snag in the rocks, and losing the lure. I got in some branches and with a mintue of gentle shaking I managed to get it out. But i had the ewg hook tucked in the back of a soft bait swimtail on that one. I added the ring at the front, and I regret it sometimes. I had my snap swivel connector slide around the front and under the little wires, and i was trying to prevent that with the ring. Its easy to cut off. It seems to fall really nice in the water. I wonder if someone will find a way to do some vertical jigging from a boat with it. Thank you for taking a intrest and trying it out. Catching a fish and taking a picture is amazing, i ran and showed my wife. When i have version 2A ready I'll have to ask you again. 1.5mm wire is on order. I'll be copying over to wire baits forum section. I hope more people will see this and possibly build them.
  9. Update: I have finished making all the lures I could. I was able to make 56 lures, 28 gold, 28 silver. I packaged them together in 28 packages. I was not able to completely finish packing because I ran out of swimbaits, more swimbaits are on the way. The first batch 1A-1A-HH-T28 has a horizontal hook clasp, made for EWG hooks. If all goes well the second run will be 1A-1B-VH-(?) With a vertical hook clasp made for jig heads. I have made up 4 special packages for the people who responded above, they are in the mail. Originally I had wanted to send out more, possibly a dozen. But I have had no one come across this post and ask for a free lure to be sent to them all by themselves. Because I only had to make up packages for 4 people, I made up a total of 12 lures. 8 Special Edition, 4 gold for EWG's, 4 silver "glow in the dark" for jig heads, and 4 unfinished unbent unbeaded lures, 2 in gold, 2 in silver. 1A-SE1-HH-T4, 1A-SE1-VH-T4, 1A-00-00. I plan to put the 28 packages of 1A-1A-HH-T28 up on ebay.ca. One at a time with a 7 day auction. That will give me time to make up more if need be. I will also trade with anyone interested, and I'll try my best to make them to custom specs. Larger maybe more popular. I know it's hard to price what you make because of all the hours and love you put into it. I have wondered to, what to value this lure at. Because it is a brand new design and a prototype it maybe valued a little different. Like a first run prototype car maybe valued in the millions. Eventually things are scaled up and you can buy one for 20 or 30 thousand dollars. I may start at $9,999.99 each, "Buy Now", and see how it goes. But more likely I will start it at $29.99 for the package. 2 gold and 2 silver, 2 hooks #6 #8 EWG, and 2 random colour swimbaits. I have not done a calculation of how much each one cost me to make and how much time. Every time I seem to get a little faster. 29 maybe to low for me to continue, but a good place to start. And again for the future reader who has their own new design. I took pictures of the process. I have a video of me at a table making a lure start to finish uncut. I have the receipt of the components printed out. I keep them in my notebook with the original sketches of the lure. There was a process of other lure prototypes that got me here, and I have them saved. They are more basic but you can see the development of the idea. The first package I test sent to my father made it there in 4 days. It was slightly worn and I will have to cover all future packages with tape on that one side to prevent this. I am going to resend a package to myself with the lures inside that I will never open so that it is also a type of time stamped proff of design. They are slightly different from what I'm releasing in the first edition, but the same design and components. All this may or may not be enough for a parasite to recognize as legitimate enough to take on another parasite for free for me. Any other ideas still welcome, I may still have a little time, no one has seen one yet. The ebay auction is ready and set to start in a few weeks. The YouTube channel is up and ready. I ran a few lures through the river and took videos from above. The ebay will have a video link to YouTube. I also want to make a few other accounts on other fishing forum websites and get some pictures there. Because I spent time here reading and really appreciate how much knowledge is stored here from years past. Also it doesn't feel like a tech giant website. And it is here where this started. I have named this lure design the "Underground Spin" . I hope that name sticks with this design and they become synonymous. What do you think? When the packages start to arrive in a few days, I will finish this post and start a new one in wire baits for me to post videos, pictures and take any questions or comments.
  10. ravenlures. For me it would be bending wire in the winter and painting in the summer. To cold to paint in the winter here. Putting a cap on what you make, numbering and sequencing a series of different ones over time sounds good for a handmade artist type lure. Is what your making now a new design? If not: if it was a new design you were making and selling, would you sell it differently then you are now ? What if after seeing a new design, you wanted to trying making some and selling them. I wouldn't mind people making my design for themselves and give aways. But if they were selling them I would want something. Acknowledgement of the inventor is easy to do, I think. Even by using the original name of the design. If you started selling my design that you saw here would you send me a small percentage. A buck for each one or 3% 4% 5%? Just curious I try to think of someone else who has created a new lure design and is reading this post. Spending money on lawyers and a patent is a great idea. This is a different idea.
  11. From here the blade looks flat and not really cupped. I tryed similar small Colorado blades with what seemed like way to much curve to them. They didn't spin. I hammered them to have less of a concave and I did manage to get them to spin but it wasn't easy, I had to pull fast. As stated above french will work best on a clevis and a inline Sonic type spinner blade like on a panther Martin works best. Try this. Make up a loop like you do on the top and build your lure but leave the wire a bit longer and don't close it off àt the bottom. Attach something to hold everything on the wire. I use earing stoppers they're small, soft plastic, clear, have a tiny hole in the middle, they sell them at the dollar store in bags by 100. You can test out different things quickly but removing the stoppers and changing design, weight spacing. Every blade likes to have a free flow of water around all it's edges and already be in a good tilt position to take off and start spinning under water. When your blade is flat, it's up against your body weight. Adding beads between body and blade, like stated above will enable better water flow around the bottom of the blade to give it lift off and spin. The water has to have a place to get in behind and lift it. Clevises like a good smooth strong ball to rotate on which it looks like you have. Good luck
  12. Update on my new lure design: I have made 32 lures and have them packaged and ready to go. I sent one package with two lures off today to my father, who is a few hundred kilometers away. If all goes well the packaging design will allow me to send two lures and a few extras for a two dollars anywhere in canada or the united states. This is alot cheaper then I estimated. I've been told It actually may be cheaper to deliver anywhere state side as opposed to anywhere in Canada, we'll see. Today's total package weight was 18g. While building I learned a few things. As I read somewhere, probably here, breaking down everything into steps is important. Making them over and over, one step at a time allowed me to perfect the design. I figured out exact measurements where to cut or bend, and what angles were needed. I made over a dozen, and left them unfinished in different important stages of completion. While building these wire baits by hand, everything down to the different hand positions needed to hold the pliers, both flat and round, need to be repeated to get a consistant product. I made many, only to have to destroy them later. I was trying to save on split rings by attaching a swivel directly to the wire with a closed barrel wrapped loop. This was nice until i discovered a bad swivel. Eventually things got faster. Ultimately limited by one component that I can't replace. I've ordered and can't get a exact copy. So I will limit this run to a maximum number of what i estimate now to be around 50 lures. I will number each one as 1 of 25 on a piece of paper included with the packaging, and call this batch 1-A 1-A. As stated above I would like to send a few out for free to any lucky people who read and respond this post. I am pretty sure it won't cost you anything to receive the package.. All I ask is that you comment here on what you think about the lure. Please respond here to this post clearly that you would like a with a brand new lure design sent to you for free! I will message you for your details. I would still like any suggestions anyone has for me to somehow secure this design idea in a homemade patten of sorts, that doesn't involve the parasites. I will send out two packages to mayself an never open them. I have pictures and video of me building the lures, which are apparently gps and timestampped internally in the coding of the pictures. I am not to worried to much because it takes a long time to make each one and I don't think they will be easily copied. It wil be next to impossible to get a machine to bend up this design so I may have discouraged anyone from stealing the design and replicating it on a large scale. But for someone else who comes across this post and has a new lure design I'd like to test out a procedure for them to follow. Is there anything else I could do? Also I have been considering a warning in the packaging not to open the packaging and use the lures, to treat them as art mounted on the wall up high, or thrown in the garbage. NOT FOR FISHING. I'm hoping this will cover me for anyone who takes his eye out or let's his kid eat it and decides to sue me. I will most likely be finished the complete batch in a few weeks and should be ready to ship by end of july at the latest.
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