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  1. Lip placement and line tie location seems to be the general consensus as where I went wrong. I have my next batch of popsicle sticks in the clamps and I'm waiting for the glue to cure. Thanks for the advice on the jerkbait.
  2. This is what I fished that swam erratically when twitched but straight when reeled. Someone in a Facebook group told me my lip is too far back from the line tie. Do you agree?
  3. I'm sorry if this question has come up before, my "google-fu" has failed me. I'm new to creating lures out of wood and I'm failing at the bill. My jerkbait darts when I twitch it, but it has no action when reeling it back to the boat. How do I know how far out of the body I should extend the bill and how wide should I make the widest part? I'm asking for more than just jerkbaits. I enjoy fishing squarebills too, and I want to try some coffinbills as well. Is there a length x width x height style formula?
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