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  1. What about the Mepps Agila? They are stacked. I've gotten double blades to work really well on some cheap french blades but that is the only blade I've gotten it to work on.
  2. Here you go. None of them spin. Assorted blades and weights and bearings. None of them spin even with the rod tip trick.
  3. I'm trying to do the same thing and I fear that the issue is that there aren't small enough clevises available for these small blades. The smallest size available, Size 1, I believe are too big for Size 1 blades. I've gotten some small colorados to spin, but it's really hit or miss.
  4. I'm working on a crawlike small double blade spinner prototype. How would you improve it?
  5. I've been trying out different fluid bed dipping methods for coating a small spinner blade. I am having trouble getting an even coat, a thin coat, or keeping the coat from chipping at the eye hole of the blade since the wire holding the blade also gets coated. I've also noticed that the coat at the bottom of the blade is much thicker because it spends more time in the powder. If the blade gets too hot, the coating is super thick and will affect the spin performance. If it's not hot enough, you won't get even coverage. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for getting an even, thin coat on small spinner blades using the fluid bed method?
  6. Clevis: size 2 Blade: size 1 Wire: .031" Weight: 1/16oz
  7. This inline spinner won't spin or engage. Anyone see anything wrong with it? Are there any guidelines for inline spinners that should be followed to ensure the blade will spin?
  8. On rooster tail inline spinners, there is a tiny washer between the clevis and the bead before the slip weight. Does anyone know where one can find a teeny tiny washer like that?
  9. Here is my first spinner. It looks pretty rough. Does anyone have suggestions on how to improve the look of the tail?
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