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  1. is there going to be a fishing lure contest this year?i have not seen any thing pertaining to having one?
  2. bigblue

    Tied Treble Hooks

    i tie treble hooks if interested please call me at 507-217 -3533
  3. hey chachybaby welcome to tackle underground i can explain how to make belly weights i use two wood blocks clamped together and drill in the center seams with your desired size of drill you would have to get desired weight by drill size you use! i will try to get some pics up tommorrow it is time for me to quit working now so pictures friday sometime!
  4. could any one give a process of weight displacement on this lure blank its 4.5"+3/4" made of cedar or pine trying to get to slowly sink?
  5. how do you get the crackle effect on the base coat? i would like to learn how to do that?
  6. to basskat contact me about lure painting 507-217-3533
  7. if your handy with a dremel tool you could make a mold of any hard wood on a budget it will work but may smoke a little bit but its cheap!
  8. i have noticed there is not much active building of lures made of wood wish guys would still talk about things cutting,shaping,painting assembly! just trying to stir up some conversation!
  9. cool! how about painting patterns what could i use to come out with nice patterns to follow that are standard paint schemes?
  10. wondering if anyone stills produces there own wood lures could be shaped by hand or machines how about crazy paint jobs?
  11. hey bigmouth i got those jigs in the mail today very impressive can't wait to try them out in the lake thanks jeff kosbab
  12. if you are interested could you use wood plugs handmade?
  13. could be wood or plastic?
  14. do you have a picture?
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