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  1. made a mistake, in my first post it should read for a 1/4 oz. spinner the recommendation is 1/11 oz. body.
  2. I'm new at this, inline Spinner, French blades, Largemouth Bass.
  3. Been to Jannsnetcraft trying to figure out the starting body weights for spinners Janns is very confusing for a 1/4oz body they recommend 1/11 oz, in grams 2.57. 1/3 oz body recommendation is 1/14 oz which equates to 2.02 grams? I realize these are starting points. I'm looking for some starting points that are a bit more accurate. Interested in 1/4 1/3 3/8 oz. Thank you for your help.
  4. You have talked me into trying the trying the top. Bottom is toooo complicated and more than I can handle with a screwdriver and file. lol
  5. Yes, that is what I was thinking. I have some steel blades if I could make them vibrate, I would be very happy. I'll deal with the rust later. lol. I thought of the top first, but perhaps the bottom more lift?
  6. Interesting, I wonder if filing down the blade hole you would increase the speed at which the blade turns in the water?
  7. The ponds I fish Bass are the largest nothing over 10 lbs. Nothing with teeth.
  8. My rod is 7' long. medium light. I use only braid 10 to 12# with a fluorocarbon leader. I live on Hatteras Island NC. Fish the ponds on the island. Don't own a boat yet. When the fish are in the ocean I'm there.
  9. To balance the spinner properly there has to be a ratio between the body weight and the weight of the blade, beads, wire etc. Even though this sound like a ridiculous question I don't know the answer. Do you include the weight of the hook?
  10. TU Member 38 Author Posted just now Mudbug, the 3/8 oz is the body weight. I've made the mistake of not weighing the whole lure. How does wire size affect blade and lure rotation. and vibration?
  11. smalljaw I want the vibration I'm not getting it on the heavier lures.
  12. I have only used french spinner blades. I'm just a beginner.
  13. I am confused about this subject. On 1/4 oz spinner I have good vibration at any spinner speed. At 3/8 oz at a fast spin i get a slight vibration. At slower speed I do not perceive any vibration. I've tried to balance the spinner by moving the weight more forward. Changed the size of the clevis from 2 to 4. Starting with #3 French Spinner Blade graduated to a to a #5. Changed the size of the beads. The only thing I haven't changed is the wire which is .30. Only wire available at the time. I would say this may be my problem, but I used it on 1/4oz without a problem.
  14. You could apply strips or circles from a paper punch?
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