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  1. made a mistake, in my first post it should read for a 1/4 oz. spinner the recommendation is 1/11 oz. body.
  2. I'm new at this, inline Spinner, French blades, Largemouth Bass.
  3. Been to Jannsnetcraft trying to figure out the starting body weights for spinners Janns is very confusing for a 1/4oz body they recommend 1/11 oz, in grams 2.57. 1/3 oz body recommendation is 1/14 oz which equates to 2.02 grams? I realize these are starting points. I'm looking for some starting points that are a bit more accurate. Interested in 1/4 1/3 3/8 oz. Thank you for your help.
  4. You have talked me into trying the trying the top. Bottom is toooo complicated and more than I can handle with a screwdriver and file. lol
  5. Yes, that is what I was thinking. I have some steel blades if I could make them vibrate, I would be very happy. I'll deal with the rust later. lol. I thought of the top first, but perhaps the bottom more lift?
  6. Interesting, I wonder if filing down the blade hole you would increase the speed at which the blade turns in the water?
  7. The ponds I fish Bass are the largest nothing over 10 lbs. Nothing with teeth.
  8. My rod is 7' long. medium light. I use only braid 10 to 12# with a fluorocarbon leader. I live on Hatteras Island NC. Fish the ponds on the island. Don't own a boat yet. When the fish are in the ocean I'm there.
  9. To balance the spinner properly there has to be a ratio between the body weight and the weight of the blade, beads, wire etc. Even though this sound like a ridiculous question I don't know the answer. Do you include the weight of the hook?
  10. TU Member 38 Author Posted just now Mudbug, the 3/8 oz is the body weight. I've made the mistake of not weighing the whole lure. How does wire size affect blade and lure rotation. and vibration?
  11. smalljaw I want the vibration I'm not getting it on the heavier lures.
  12. I have only used french spinner blades. I'm just a beginner.
  13. I am confused about this subject. On 1/4 oz spinner I have good vibration at any spinner speed. At 3/8 oz at a fast spin i get a slight vibration. At slower speed I do not perceive any vibration. I've tried to balance the spinner by moving the weight more forward. Changed the size of the clevis from 2 to 4. Starting with #3 French Spinner Blade graduated to a to a #5. Changed the size of the beads. The only thing I haven't changed is the wire which is .30. Only wire available at the time. I would say this may be my problem, but I used it on 1/4oz without a problem.
  14. You could apply strips or circles from a paper punch?
  15. Reading Jed Davis , Spinner Fishing for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout. He suggests putting the tape on the back of the blade. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this technique , compared to applying the traditional way? What is your opinion?
  16. TU Member 30 Posted just now I have used Bondo Body Repair many times in the past with good results. Here are some of the good things abt it . Easy to use , Can be thinned with lacquer thinner for more detail. When thinner is used there are no bubbles to contend with. I use play dough to set the original in to do 1/2 mold . Not so good things. If lead is too hot past the pouring stage in time it will warp the mold. I've never poured more the 30 or 40 objects , after that it looses it's detail. Mold has to be clamped together. Be careful when clamped if the is a small exit in the mold you could get burned.
  17. I'm partial to single hooks for my spinners. I'm looking into tubing. They are made from different composites. Don't know which to choose, for the shank of the hook. ID would be very useful. I am also thinking if making a weedless hook out tubing or a plastic worm . Thank you for your help.
  18. Iv'e made molds out of "Bondo" car dent repair. Fill the spaces let it dry.
  19. From what I've read , the preferred way to add additional weight to spinners is by adding the weight to the hook. I don't understand the reason?
  20. Mark any special brand name?
  21. I can't make toast in the morning and your suggesting I use a soldering gun lol
  22. thank you for your info mudbug that clears up a lot questions.
  23. Since I'm a beginner at this I did not think of the "pop". You would have to do a comparative study. I agree it would not hold up to toothy fish.
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