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  1. @Vodkaman so a shape shimilar to a square boot that begins thinner and gets gradually wider toward the bottom? I'm doing a redesign of the entire bait and making it a rounder body profile from the belly up rather than flat as well as a smaller square boot. I'm almost ready to clear coat my master for the mold pour but am contemplating final adjustments. Another question, on a roughly 9" bait how much loss can I expect from the master for a silicone mold? Does roughly 10% sound right? I would check against the baits I've made but I already disposed of the old masters.
  2. The baits pictured are not mine, they are Westin ShadTeez, swimming action below. The bait I made is bigger with a slightly bigger paddle and it is not as tall (back to belly). The poured baits with 262 swim almost identical to the video, maybe a bit more belly roll.
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the replies so far. It's been raining non-stop so I haven't been able to get a video. I rig either with a 1-2oz jighead or an 11/0 widegap. The bait is similar in design to the picture attached. The body roll is too much as it turns the belly to the side and just doesn't look realistic in any sense and I would actually prefer as little if none of the body roll and just tail action. I played around cutting the tail from a circular paddle to a slightly smaller square shape and that helped slightly. Maybe the issue is the flat sides of the body and too large of a circular tail? Should I redo my master with more of a V taper from the belly? Once the weather clears up I will try and get some clear footage.
  4. Hi all, Long time lurker first time poster. Looking to see if I could get some pointers on correcting a bait I'm making. I'm designing a 9" paddletail and I can't seem to get the bait to run without much of a wobble. The paddle is a round tail and I made the end fairly thin and 'short' leading up to the paddle, the body is similar to that of big sassy shad but shorter in height from top to belly with a more rounded face and thinner profile all around. It kicks great but wobbles side to side 90 degrees. Any pointers on changes to make on my new master would be greatly appreciated.
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