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  1. Looks like the bait plastics is a tad higher from what I see but to speed up my process might be worth it I do get a bit of a deal with DOP I buy around 20 gal a month (I know you all probably use more)
  2. I have been using DOP for a few years and hate to say it your all dead on !! I cant tell you why I have never changed but after I go thru (I think I have 4, 5 gallon buckets right now) I am going to change to something else I guess I just got used to it. I de-gas before and after I heat it up the harder the plastic the less clear it is IMO. If I wait to de-gas until after I heat it up it will boil over and put plastic in the bottom of my gas chamber. It has a ton of bubbles I do stir the crap out of it and thought it was simply from me stirring to much. Great post glad I took the time to give it a read
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