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  1. This is what does it for me... In one case...the leaning was caused by too big a Colorado blade.
  2. @mark poulson Mark...are you making that spinner bait...or just doing a modification?
  3. I'm getting one of those. I use an old cabinet makers file for shaping cork handles...and never really thought about using it on lures.
  4. If that doesnt work out...You can can always (like @mark poulson said) just cut the butt off. If you decided to do that...measure the I.D. and I will make you an extension to epoxy in there.
  5. Oh!! Whats your procedure for wrapping it?
  6. Love it Mark...I actually have some of the older vs of spinner baits that have the wrapped wire tie (no R) and actually tend to prefer these.
  7. @Travis Spot on... FWIW...I did try @mark poulson suggestions with the tin snips and the lip came out pretty good.
  8. Pretty cool there...I dont have any plastic with eyes...but good to know!
  9. Up till now... I have several templates that I trace on to Lexan...then I cut it out with a scroll saw. Sometimes it works ok...but more times than not its not perfect. I do some additional shaping with sand paper before installing. ...and sometime there is more shaping after the install. Looking for some tips to improve the process.
  10. I've been use UV glue to hold em in place....then the lure (eyes and all) get an epoxy top coat.
  11. @JD_mudbug Amazed you know all those!
  12. Sometimes the lures will have the manufacture name on them.
  13. No...that's not (totally) correct. What @RiverSmallieGuy is referring to is this: If you mix up a set amount of epoxy...say in a small cup. The thick mas of epoxy will set off an exothermic reaction and set up really fast (as well as get hotter than hell). By spreading out the epoxy you are retarding that reaction ...thus extending the life of the pot. There is no discernable difference (in cure time) in applying a thick of think coat of epoxy.
  14. I needed some white for the bottom and didnt have any so I just went black.
  15. You can try and use some of the replaceable caps...you will actually get different sytles....$5.66 Montana Interchangeable Replacement Spray Caps | Jerry's Artarama (jerrysartarama.com)
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