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  1. I use a lot of paint pens before I airbrushed. Years ago, I would remove the paint/finish off a plug and get it to the bone color then just add a red gill line.
  2. Just a word of caution when adding pigment. Do so just a little at a time. Its been my experience that you only need a little. Its also been my experience that the epoxy doesn't set up right if there is too much pigment.
  3. It looks pretty... In the "how it started section" it says I'm like huh?
  4. Are you leaving that upper chamber empty? Also what setting are you using for the fill%
  5. I agree...they do look good. Thanks for sharing...
  6. I have something I use thats called Liquid Leaf #6130 Renaissance Gold.
  7. I'm not saying it wont work...I'm just saying epoxy wont readily adhere to aluminum foil very well. One of the methods of applying epoxy (lures, rods) is to pour it out on aluminum foil...this helps slow down the exothermic reaction and gives you a little more time to work with it. Once the unused epoxy cures...it can be easily peeled off the foil. Not 100% sure if this is really @Flaswimbaiter problem...just an observation. One thing worth trying is to use something like FlexCoat. It has properties to make it somewhat bendable.
  8. Epoxy wont really stick to foil. I have used a silver like paint that I have epoxied over. The paint was Iridescent Silver (Fine) made by Golden Acrylics.
  9. Line tie might be a little too far back.
  10. Instead of glitter...they should use corn.
  11. I have been buying Do-It Essential Series Plastisol and have been pretty happy with the results. Recently I bought a larger size of Do-It Crystal Clear Plastisol (honestly not knowing the difference). It seems to me that the Crystal Clear is way softer than the Essential Series. Anyone else use both and have this conclusion?
  12. Yes...it is a spook copy...weighted in the back 50%.
  13. So...I been looking at these...and I think they may be some of the earlier baits! Watch this video and maybe even contact the guy in the video. @35:21 he talks about some of the baits being stamped Mr. Fred under the bill!
  14. Thanks...this is my first attempt at a big thread fin
  15. I'm thinking, "Why didn't I think of this?". Hanging (by the eye) also get the paint "flowing" away from the eye vs. just hanging it by the hook.
  16. Just to set the record straight...that photo is a stock photo from AI. I did forward on the question and got a response from Gary Hill at AI. Afternoon Chris, Those colors are from dead on. Can't remember what orange and yellow we used to blend that or amounts. Both came from dead-on plastic and they have a great selection of oranges and yellows. Glad to hear you are enjoying the mold and I will pass that on to the team. We appreciate your business and have a great day. Thank you,
  17. One thing I like to add to epoxy is pearl powder (DoIt). I will add the tiniest amount...like on the head of a tooth pick. Once you see this in the sun...it just POPS! This is the same pearl powder you use in plastic. The photo is a little deceiving as some of the reflections are make a boca effect.
  18. The UV resin is non yellowing. I use it for various tasks...not so much as lure finish. I see the Engineered Angler uses UV resin as a coat. I'm using FlexCoat because I just have that for rods. I have used both the High Build and the Rod Builders. High Build set up time is longer than Rod Builders. Usually (for rods) I would use High Build for thread work and Rod Builders for handle assembly.
  19. After I dip in power paint...I will poke the eye out with a tooth pick. I will also stow them eye up when I bake. This seems to work pretty good.
  20. Thanks for all the input...I ended up getting this one: 4" MC Worm Mold (6 Cavity) - Angling AI
  21. @BobP Can you explain this process? I'm not following clearly.
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