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  1. I am wanting to turn some basic diy salmon plugs. I would like to know if anyone knows how to carve the nice symmetrical concave face of a salmon plug. I noticed they are almost like a bowl and not just a swath cut through it. Anyone know how thats done?
  2. Gurk

    Wire size(s)

    Hah! Good info. I have three different style of plugs here and wondered why some had bead chains vs hooks attached to the body. Now i know.
  3. Gurk

    Wire size(s)

    I am new to the lure building and was planning on making some wooden baits but am liking what I am reading about PVC. I fish mainly Lake Trout, salmon and walleye. I was wondering what gauge of stainless wire people recommend for salmon and lake trout lures? Or is it better to go with a specific size of screw in eyelets? cheers
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