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  1. Thanks man for the tips I actually ended up molding the bait last night so I can get another one and mess around with it but I did take some of your advice and drilled a small hole and added just a bit of wait in the tail section and straightend right up. Now to mess around with the 3 piece I made. Thanks again
  2. Ok so I did a few minor adjustments and it’s action is 10 times better but now it’s kinda swimming on its side. When it sits in the water it tilts to the side that’s swim on could this be because I took all the weight out of the tail section and it’s trying to float up
  3. Thanks for the tips all my baits have been successful but this 2 pc got me haha so I racked my brain last night it was catching the slightest so I shaved it down and also to the weight out of the tail section and widened the lip so going to take it for a test run also separated the joint some to give it more movement
  4. Hey guys I’ve been making baits for a little while now mostly swimbaits like wakes swimmers and glides but I built my first 2 peice wake last night and took it out for a test swim today and wasn’t getting a lot of action out of it. Would either swim straight with the slightest wiggle to it or If I cranked on it pretty hard And fast I would get some better action. I did lower the line tie down some closer to the bull and it did improve slightly added a few pictures thanks
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