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  1. So a thicker coat is going to set up quicker than a thinner coat.
  2. Alright, that's definitely a project here soon, I may even get real fancy and carve some gills or fins! I tried just carving little bits off with a fairly dull chisel, and it wasn't that bad at all, definitely wasn't like basswood or pine. The main challenge with it, I feel, is the gumminess and that it dulls your tools and the dust is bad for you. Definitely will post pictures in the gallery of what I come up with. I just don't know if I will do that sooner or later though.
  3. Dude, that must've been very hard to do, Lexan is very hard to carve as it is so hard.
  4. I am just making a wall mount out of it, and it is like 4"x3"x1.25"
  5. Yeah, I had planned on not painting it very much and leaving the gorgeous grain exposed. I know that dust ain't good for ya, it sticks in the nose pretty good. Doesn't smell as bad as super glue fumes though... Them fumes will kill any virus in your nose lol
  6. I now have some Honduras Rosewood in my possession, and let me tell ya'... It is HARD. I have worked with normal woods; balsa, basswood, pine, cedar, etc and this feels super heavy. I thought that hard maple was heavy, but this is so much heavier it ain't even funny lol. I looked at the specific gravity of this wood, and it is 1.03!! It sinks by itself, it is not buoyant! It is the prettiest wood grain I have ever seen, very dark but looks even better when it is wet/finished. So I got to thinking-- what kinds of baits would this wood be suitable for? If you're wondering, it has a very potent smell when you cut it or sand it.
  7. The blanks should be very similar to the original Vision 110, so the hooks should also be similar. This is all theory but it might work. On the real Megabass Vision 110s, they use Katsuage Out-Barb hooks, which are very light wire, very sharp, and very strong for the wire thickness. They sell them on TackleWarehouse, Megabass' site, and other places. A hook that is probably close is the Gamakatsu G-Finesse hooks, they are very sharp, very strong, and very very light.
  8. I respect you a lot for reading the rules! You can make a collage for the images on some platforms-- there are many out there.
  9. Carving is my deal; I know nothing about 3D printing haha
  10. Very nice! Definitely gonna watch that after the NFL Draft!
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