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  1. thank ya man. I found that even with a soft tail, one of my 3pc wakes wouldnt swim great, so im rollin tailless on that one, i plan to use a hard lexan tail on a small glide that im building. Will post pics of both baits
  2. Hey fellas been a while, but I have a question about swimbaits and how tails affect the action. I have noticed that a lexan tail can sometimes kill the action, but dont know what to expect of any of the other styles for a jointed lipless bait. Which tails are the best for getting a lot of motion out of a bait?
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    Those are unbelievable! How do they swim? And do you sell baits?
  4. RiverSmallieGuy


    its a brush fiber tail, if you find one of Engineered Angler's youtube videos about it he shows it there.
  5. oh my goodness! You're killing me!
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    fairly certain this was an unpainted blank that comes with replaceable fins.
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    Cultiva Topwater

    Talking about the Zip n Ziggy? I think theyre still made. My father loves them and beats them up.
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    shad glide.JPG

    Work. Of. Art. I think I need it lol. just to umm... Yaknow, to do some prototype testing...
  9. @woodieb8 nailed it on the head. I have had this issue in the past with cranks. Your bait will spiral from a few different things. One, which is previously mentioned, is not enough ballast. Another is your lip slot being crooked. And the final one I can think of is your lip being asymmetrically placed in the slot.
  10. are the baits for sale at all?
  11. Pond Special wakebait "Stumpy"
  12. RiverSmallieGuy


    love the concept!
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