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  1. SWC Pond Special assortment
  2. RiverSmallieGuy


    love the concept!
  3. Yup. The least they could do is post in a place where the people are actually interested in what they are providing!
  4. Yep... People just have no respect for the purpose of a forum...
  5. I haven't posted in a while, but saw this today and thought I should make a post about this. There have been a ton of posts in the last hour or two from user "mama11". These are more than likely scams, and they spammed the hard bait forum with the same post repeatedly. Do not follow any links, requests, or anything from this user. Their posts have nothing to do with fishing and lure building in general. I can almost guarantee that admins will delete these posts. Just be very careful, these could be virus infested posts. This user joined an hour ago, which is a huge red flag. All 25 posts have slightly different titles, but the actual text is all copy and paste.
  6. I use an Iwata Neo for my starter brush. My next brush is going to be an Eclipse HP-CS gravity feed dual action. I haven't had any issues with Iwata brushes.
  7. Small Water Customs "Midnight" Pond Special
  8. Small Water Customs "SWC Shad 2" and "Dark Gill" Pond Special
  9. Small Water Customs "Bright Gill" Pond Special
  10. Small Water Customs "SWC Shad" Pond Special
  11. Small Water Customs "Pond Special" bass.
  12. Fully prototyped and tested, the Small Water Customs "Pond Special" wakebait is being produced to be sold. $25 shipped. Msg me on Facebook @Braden Webb to place your order. These are a custom, hand carved lure that are hand painted and clear coated. Available in extremely limited quantity.
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