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  1. Never heard of using silicone cups. Sounds like a good idea. I'll check into that!
  2. Anyone try the Sinking plastic by MF plastics? I was wondering what the sink rate is compared to a Sinko or Zoom mag finesse worm>
  3. lwc1960

    Silicone Skirts

    Please send me a list of what you have left. You can email me at "chandlerfam@reagan.com"
  4. I'm just getting started pouring baits. Made a few small silicone molds to hand pour. I've got a couple of small (1 cup, 1/2 up) pitchers made of glass. I was gonna use the bigger one to heat raw plastisol in then pour some into the smaller one and color them separately. WiIl glass work or am I better off buying Pyrex>
  5. I modify all my jig weed guards. I wrap the base of the guard with fly tying thread then split the weed guard in half and wrap it with figure eights making sure to keep the thread packed tightly to the base. Finish it with some head cement and your good to go. Takes some time and patience but the guard stays split into a nice v shape and if you wrap up the weed guard a little it will stiffen it up a bit. I don't mind spending the time during the winter doing stuff like this. When the jig falls over on its side it wont hang as easily. I hate loosing jigs and this helps some; not sure how much but any is worth it to me.
  6. Try some thinned Dave's Flexament. Do as the above comments suggest regarding the short fluff, make 2 or 3 wraps, add a drop of the flexamnet and finish the wrap. This stuff stays flexible and holds very well with any fiber I've ever tied with, natural or synthetic.
  7. I use about 3" off the tail end of a zoom finesse worm or ,if you can find them a black trout worm about the same length. If you fish them in warmer weather where there are a lot of bluegill they'll drive you nuts pulling on the trailer but when the bite is tough these little black marabou jigs will put fish in the boat.
  8. looks like a good bait to hand pour to me. Make silicone mold and get after it.
  9. I check EVERY hook, treble, worm hook or jig. If it's not sticky sharp I touch it up. No matter who made it it will still get dull fishing in rock or cover. If it's sharp makes a world of difference on those less than perfect hooksets.
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