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  1. Welcome aboard! Glad to have you!
  2. Very nice! Love that stripe detail!
  3. These last couple of years have been rough on everyone. Seems like everything has been in a shortage. I cant believe its been YEARS since this all started, doesn't feel like it
  4. I bought white glitter from Golden Grub a while ago and so far, i used it once. I used it in a finesse worm (the Angling AI Mojo worm). The color was Lureworks Emerald Green with small (.008) silver flake and .035 white flake. It looked alright, but would probably look real good in a small grub or crappie shad.
  5. Hope yall have a great Easter! Went down to my mamaws place for Easter and got to get some fishing in. She lives on the lake! Caught two large mouth on those BTS 4" grubs, a watermelon/chartreuse tail. This was also my first time catching something on my own lures.
  6. Great video! Looks like the fish love it!
  7. Good answer. Its highly likely taste plays a part. To quote the aforementioned article: "...bites it, which activates two sets of taste buds in its mouth so it can quickly determine if it should swallow it. " Now, the question is, how would someone make a gel like, water soluble sent that holds to the bait AND attracts the fish
  8. Nice bait! But i just wanted to let you know, you are only allowed one image. Just a heads up.
  9. Aaron856


    If you did find an exact match, it would probably be a single cavity stone mold from overseas. Seems like a lot of stone molds are from Ukraine.
  10. Aaron856


    What is the lure called? I see it is a Gene Larew. Ill look and see if there is a mold of it
  11. Aaron856

    Candy Corn Inline

    I love candy corn! Very pretty!
  12. A little unrelated, but I read a pretty interesting article about oil sents and if bass can smell them a while back. Apparently, oil sents don't work because they are not water soluble. Ill link the article so yall can have a look: https://www.outdoorlife.com/fishing/do-scented-fishing-lures-work/ Edit: Alsworms, I have also heard oils are used to mask human sent. Perhaps the oil keeps our sent hidden from the fish by acting as a water resistant barrier?
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