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  1. I recently bought my first airbrush. I can clean it all I want but it will only spray paint when moving the lever forward or it will just spit paint. Is this a problem with the thickness of paint or am I not running at a high enough pressure on the air compressor (25psi)?
  2. Deadly Buck


    Why would my clear coat be getting bubble a week after clear coat? Using kbs diamond.
  3. When making your own blanks, what are some key design features that ensure a lipless crankbait will have a good action? Where should the weight be?
  4. Then the next question. How do you get an even clear coat with epoxy? My ends up uneven
  5. What is the best clear coat that combines ease of use, smooth finishes and affordability?
  6. What is the best way to clean an airbrush? Between colours and at the end of session.
  7. Can you maybe share a picture?
  8. I'm getting my first airbrush tomorrow! I was wondering what exercises/techniques I should be practicing to become an effective painter. Also what paint jobs should I be starting with?
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