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    molds to oz

    they are all injection molds no open pour swimbait.
  2. i have found another supply in australia and he is sending me a couple of samples to try out .
  3. holy heck i wanted to buy the 7.25 open pour swimbait from ai molds listed on the web page at 151 bucks but once through the checkout and mailed to me in australia it ends up costing me 363AU bucks . i cant justify that kind of money for one mold . shame i really did want one of those molds but looks like i will have to carve one then make a sand mold and cast an aluminium mold or a silicone mold i think . i know it wont be as good but what can you do there comes a point where some things just are not viable .
  4. thanks for the reply , and yep you are not wrong seems to be the case with a lot of things in oz just not enough demand i suppose.
  5. G,day . just joined to do some studying/reading on soft plastic bait making . i am keen to have a crack at it . is there a list of suppliers in this forum for plastisol suppliers in australia anywhere .it seems like it is going to be hard to source the stuff.most places are very expensive here or have no stock .
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