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  1. Αfter i spray the varnish,i don t touch the lure.I use the clamps to handle it,just like in the photo. Can you please guide me as to what i can try?
  2. Good evening and I found you. For some time now I have been trying to make an amateur bait for lrf with balsa wood. I have problems with the final coating of epoxy or liquid glass. The procedure I follow is the following: After I shape the wood, etc. I put the weights and finish with its shape, I pass it 2 times with super glue. Then I make it smooth with fine sandpaper. Then I wipe with a cloth and spray the colors. Because of low budget and no possibility to buy airbrush and special paints, I use acrylic sprays (I find morris ones in the local store), in layers, with a 50 minute break between each layer. After some time, I spray 2 coats of acrylic varnish to paint. The problem starts now... I tried to leave it so the varnish will dry for a few hours, I even tried for a whole day, but the point is that then I pass the 2-component epoxy or the liquid glass and put it in the device that turns it slowly. The problem is that it forms those wrinkles that you see. I spread it again and again...nothing...I even tried heating the epoxy or the liquid glass,still nothing.Any help will be much appreciated,i have destroyed many lures like that.
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