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  1. Yes, I'm using the drill method vs slot. Once the front section is complete, I'll do like you suggest by twisting the rear loop tight after pushing it through the tail. I'll try to keep the joint "V" or concave/convex vs flat shaped to get the most knocking. I think it would be difficult to seal, paint & epoxy after assembly, so we'll have the final finish completed & then epoxy the rear wire harness holes. Thought I may have a shot to fish for your awesome pike about 7 years ago while working the Tar Sands refineries north of Ft Mack, but the massive wildfires chased us out, no chance to fish. Those fires also pushed me into retirement = lots more fishing time here on St Lawrence River Thanks
  2. HV, If harness' are joined prior to install, I'm thinking the rear wire can be twisted into a hook hanger after pushed through the rear body section. I typically finish this portion by covering the wire twist with epoxy for aesthetics. But I'm at a loss on how to install the front wire, especially if the wire goes through a lip? Is there another method I'm not figuring out? PS: We were totally beat up fishing Lake of Two Mountains near Montreal for the opening first 3 days. High water, high winds & 2 week late vegetation.
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum & looking for advice on building wooden jointed thru-wire muskie baits. We've had some success building 1 piece 8" & 10" wooden muskie baits & would like to venture into building a jointed model. My question is how to join the 2 pieces together with a tight gap between the wire loops? I would like the space to be close enough so we get a bit of "knocking noise' from the side to side action. My first attempts have the space too wide for our liking. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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