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  1. Jtb

    Spaz Stix chrome

    Any of the chrome like spaz must have a good intercoat between it and clear coat otherwise the chrome and clear react and dulls the chrome to blah
  2. Jtb

    Clear resin pours

    Should not be any more of a visible seam than say thermo weld or sonic weld on normal blanks
  3. Jtb

    Clear resin pours

    Aulrich appreciate the reply.....i am actually going for clear sinking baits to begin ...covering wire harness with foil...I know the clear resin is used in some saltwater lure applications but those are bulky and unlikely to hit obstructions like rocks or docks..my concern is shear especially with wire harness...will the bait fracture upon 1 impact or will it be able to take a decent beating lol.. I have already thought ahead about being able to make the baits neutrally bouyant or float in future versions by doing a "laminate" of foam on top or even a 2 part mold with cavity molded in and halves epoxied together after casting...forgot to mention..product I'm looking at spg is 1.05 so should not be too hard to make neutral Thanks
  4. I'm wanting to make a few baits that are clear...using my existing molds...has anyone used a product like alumilite clear slow for casting glides or cranks?..looking for the best product to use ...tried search feature but keep hitting clear coat threads Thanks
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