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  1. I'm looking for suggestions for storage of wire Leaders. I have a number of large and small Pike or Musky leaders that I'd like to keep organized and free of kinks. Not seeing much online...
  2. Hi All, I'm new here. Been looking for a forum like this! :-) My question is about painting spinner blades for inline bucktail spinners. I've built such baits before for Musky and had some success. I have generally used large brass Colorado or fluted nickel plated blades. Spray paint like Krylon was used. The blades haven't held the paint very well and I'd like a more durable finish. My goal is to build a few with lemon yellow blades for a Yellow Perch pattern and the old style red and white stripe like the Daredevil spoons. Can't find these to buy. Your suggestions appreciated, thanks!
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