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  1. I don’t think that’s ever been attempted. I have heard of people mixing in glass fibers and dyes into the resin for strength and color. I think the biggest issue would be making sure that it doesn’t just all sink to the bottom because the metal powder would be much denser than the resin. But if you can get it to suspend for the duration of the print it should help some. I know the bolts that I use to clamp my molds together absorb quite a lot of heat.
  2. Made a little 3 inch squid bait on my printer. Think it came out pretty good. If you guys want to check it out more info and the download can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5584534
  3. I have mine in a enclosure. Just a crealety branded grow tent. I threw a mini space heater in there hooked up to a thermostat outlet I had left over from my fishtank days. Works great just don't leave a setup like this with no one home lol.
  4. I used to do it the way you are on my fdm. Best way is 2female haves and I’m using 1/4” bolts to hold it together.
  5. I think you would solve most of your warping issues with this method too the supports can cause layer shifts
  6. I print it vertically directly on the build plate
  7. Poor choice of words... I meant the amount of resin used. A lot of my molds were using more than 3/4 a bottle of resin making it much more expensive then fdm.
  8. Did you make sure to sand down the elephants foot on the side of the mold that sits on the print bed?
  9. Paint sticks fine while painting. I'm using a water base acrylic so no matter what you painted it on it would need a clearcoat. I've been using a uv resin clearcoat that's been working out well.
  10. I’ve printed many soft plastics molds out of fdm. Although I’ve never tried it I see no reason why it wouldn’t work for a hard bait. Just out of curiosity why not print the lure directly on the printer?
  11. Do you guys add worm oil I was just putting it straight in
  12. I got the unmarked lure bags from bait plastics
  13. I tried using some pro cure bait oil dumping them in my lure bags. It gets all nasty and dried out after a week or so. Does the super gel work better?
  14. Upper chamber is empty for boyancy and 35% infill
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