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  1. here is another fly that i have been working on to connect to the back of the spinner. has some squirrel, synthetic, and elk...
  2. Hi guys, new here, i am building an inline spinner with a fly attached- similar to a Joes Elite striker? The fish i am targeting seem very hesitant to bite on a fly that is rotating behind the spinner. my goal is to have the blade spin and the rest stay straight. i am using some squirrel tail on the bottom and elk hair on the top. i can get 30 to 50 percent of them to not rotate till they are beat up. i have used some lead wire to weight the bottom side. i use the elk to flair and be boyant. wondering if a piece of foam tied on top or any other suggestions to keep the fly part from spinning. i have had no issues with the spinner or other components. thanks for any ideas.
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