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  1. @alsworms I use the paste form from walmart.
  2. @alswormsThey still sell Minnow Silver. I use it in almost all my swim patterns in the belly colors. I think you are pretty spot on. I haven't seen this "Natural" color in person but the pics I pull up online seems to be the top Green Pumplin Green with medium black flake, small blue flake and a smidge of small green. The bottom could be made using Minnow Silver and to opaque it some, a white or silver pearl powder. Pretty sure white pearl is what it is.
  3. I coated mine with modge podge @alsworms I even made a two sided open pour swim 3 years ago that I heated on a griddle and skin poured. I still have it. The tail design didn't work out, but I wanted to see how plaster would hold up on a griddle, and it did.
  4. Because of the triple tail design, you'd be hard pressed finding a mold off the shelf that resembles it. You can find similar dual tail designs that are close, but if the triple tail in that layout is going to be a specialty or custom mold, more than likely a 3 piece mold.
  5. @basskat it's a pain, and local customers are easier to work with. Guys online want discounts or they want to rush orders.
  6. @CNC Molds N Stuff I don't use it for sales. I prefer to stay local. I understand as a mold maker like yourself, a local customer base to support your business is a necessity. There is not enough bait makers around just Yuma to support your business. I hate dealing with shipping. Plus the market is so oversaturated with bait makers. Unless you are a main brand company, advertising on Facebook probably won't benefit most bait makers. As a bait maker, any local region should have an adequate amount of anglers to support their small bait business. If one can't handle supporting their own local fishermen, they definitely aren't ready for online sales.
  7. I am dumping all Meta owned accounts. Facebook is complete garbage anymore. I finally started an actual account here. I have browsed around here for a few years. I prefer the layout and structure of this forum more so than social media. I mostly do soft baits, but I do jigs, weights, air brush lures, build wood cranks/swims, build rods, tie, 3D print molds/cranks and make stencils and clam packaging.
  8. Australian Soft Plastic Lure Supply does have plastisol and other supplies. They carry Bait Plastics. Australian Soft Plastics Lure Supplies
  9. Browndog's Custom Tackle is a new supplier of Molds and Injectors in Australia Browndog's Custom Tackle – Browndog's CustomTackle (bdcustomtackle.com)
  10. Loctite Gel Super Glue Works pretty good but I only use that on baits for personal use. Baits I sell I clear dip the heads. I don't personally care if I lose an eye after a few casts on a disposable soft bait, but I want to ensure my customers retain theirs until the bait itself is destroyed. I only clear dip the head portion just past the eyes, if you clear dip an entire bait you will lose any scaling or detail. They sell clear dip, but I just use a soft blend of plastisol.
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