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  1. I would like to know if anyone can help me get the mixing formulas for these colors I would like to hand pour. Dirty Sanchez ,Bad Shad Green, Houdini. These are reaction innovations colors on their skinny and little dipper baits. I usually use either 4oz or 8oz pours of plastic. I use either lure works or lure craft paints.
  2. Hey everyone I'm new to making my own lures I've done some hand pouring with plaster of Paris molds I made at home but decided that I would try an aluminum injection mold for a craw body soft plastic bait. Recommendations would be appreciated if you like a specific craw mold.
  3. Ok guys, I have some questions......... I have been making hard lures and spinners for a while now, but am really getting into this soft plastic stuff. I tend to jump into things with both feet, so save me if you can! lol There are some things I just don't get. At least I think I don't..... I ordered some Amazing Mold Rubber from (Alumilite 3/4 lb) I made a small mold tonight (4" X 5" X 1-1/4") and of course it took it all to make it. That was $20.00 worth of mold material. I can buy a similar mold from Lurecraft for $11.00 plus shipping, which would make it about $20.00. Apart
  4. A handpoured baitfish that's will be in a green pumpkin-chartreuse tail, Pearl, Green Pumpkin, and clear-white with silver/black fleck. The baitfish right now in the pic is what I called Fillet fish color (crème orange)..It's extremely soft but yet durable for a 5/0 flipping hook...
  5. A hand-carved in clay and hand-poured baitfish soft plastic bait that's will be in a green pumpkin-chartreuse tail, Pearl, Green Pumpkin, and clear-white with silver/black fleck. The baitfish right now in the picture is what I called Fillet fish color (crème orange)..
  6. Hello i am from argentina, and i want to start to make my own soft plastic lures. i already boght 5 aluminium molds on ebay and i boght in my country a few galons of plastisol. please someone can tell me step by step how to make soft plastic lures. how many degrees do a have to take the plastisol? how long it takes to cool to unmold? Is there a site where you learn to work with plastisol? thank you very much my fisherman friends.
  7. ok, my buddy and i have a design that we have tested and is proven, but neither of us has the time to actually do the pouring in the quantities needed to for the demand we expect. there are two designs one of which i believe will be explosive and never seen before. so my question is this.... who can i get to pour my baits by the 1,000's at a good price? we have been sitting on this for some time now and i don't want to wait anymore to launch our product. so any help you can provide would be great!
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