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  1. Hi, Well I'm getting started in lure painting, I recently purchased an IWATA ECLIPSE and 3 sets or CREATEX (pearlized, opaque, tropical) paint, I have not yet painted a single lure yet. so my question is did I really need to purchase CREATEX paint or is there other brand name paints that are cheaper that work just as well? HOBBY LOBBY $4.99 per 2oz KINDA PRICEY for me. luckily I came across sets that where much cheaper at COASTAIRBRUSH.COM. So one last question the airbrush I baught was origanally $210 dollars at Hobby Lobby but I had a 40% off coupon. Was purchasing this expensive airbrush needed? OK well I hope I can get those two questions answered. THANK YOU much ahead of time.
  2. I want to apply GID powders with my airbrush. My plan is to mix them into Createx transparent base. To date, I have been applying a thin epoxy layer and dusting the lure with powder. I want to get away from handling the powder. I have a fan spray booth and a theory that wet powder is less likely to fly than dry powder. The Techno Glow white powder that I am considering is 35 microns and is supposed to glow for 10 hours when fully charged. The add says it can be sprayed through a tip .35 in or smaller. I suspect that is a typo on their part. That is what I gap my spark plugs to! Plus I beg to ask "how much smaller?" This is a completely useless piece of info. So, my friends, I turn to you. What are your recommendations, experiences, and concerns.
  3. Hey everybody, I've got a question for anybody who paints spinner blades with an airbrush: do you need to use some sort of primer or clear coat prior to painting? I fish walleye tournaments and have thousands of blades, and have recently gotten into custom painting crankbaits, and am looking into doing the same with blades. I have several patterns that I love which seem to simply have the paint sprayed directly onto the bare metal, with a clear coat over the top. I use createx paints, would just painting on the bare metal work? Thanks!!
  4. Hello, Ok, So I've tried looking all over YOUTUBE and I cant seen to find anything on painting "SEE THROUGH" hardbaits. Does anybody have a link or some step by step instructions on how to do it? I really like see through hardbaits for CLEAR water but I want to paint my own now. I do have a set of Createx transparent paints but not sure how they work just yet. I will attach an image of a crank as in example of what I'm talking about. thank you in advance.
  5. I am still very new to airbrushing custom fishing lures, I was wondering if I can use my airbrush to paint lead-head jigs?
  6. So my order for some KBS clear coat came in today, I had to leave the 2 ton epoxy it was just too messy for me and time consuming (THATS JUST ME) but my question here is DO I SINGLE COAT MY LURES OR DOUBLE? and I will say i dunked about 25 crank baits I made and it took me only about 5 minutes total I LOVE HOW FAST I CAN COAT MY LURES NOW! also I barely used any clear coat so spending $50 on a quart of KBS will go a LOOOOONNNGGG WAAAAYYY! but I'm a newbie so will see. So yeah so far I've only dunked them once so should that be enough or should I do a second coat?? THANK YOU in advance!
  7. I'm looking at 1500 blanks that need to be base coated before this winter season quickly arrives. I've been toying with the idea of using a bigger air brush, even a gravity fed gun used for automotive jobs. Do any of you use a large capacity airbrush for base coating?
  8. I have been painting baits for a while now on a small scale using a Pasche Talon (gravity fed) with water based createx paints. I want to start painting lots of baits the same color patterns to sell them. I've noticed some videos online of people doing this and oftentimes the paint container is attached the the bottom of the airbrush. What is the best setup for this? I can definitely see the advantage of not having to constantly put drops of paint in the hopper. Any recommendations on equipment for somone wanting to go from a hobbyist to start painting large scale?
  9. Hey folks, just wrapped up my near final trout swimbait painting pattern with a few pointers from a local taxidermist. I excluded a few of the steps that I was given for the sake of simplicity (one of the ones I'm going to use is a layer of gold above the lateral line, hence the "near final") and it came out pretty dandy. I painted it on a TP roll so that I wouldn't have to waste another blank. https://mobile.twitter.com/bassosaurus_rex/media/grid?idx=0
  10. Hey folks, recently I invested in some airbrushing and lure building equipment. But while painting blanks I've had some troubles with my trout patterns. I prefer to use all one kind of paint (I.E. Createx) to minimize the risk of chemical reactions between paints (that, and brand preference)and I can't figure out a good back color mix. I need a light olive and I need help. Also some advice for making baits look more "lively" wouldn't hurt as well. With best regards, Jon P.
  11. hey guys, Was wondering if anyone here has painted baitcasters before? ive been airbrushing for about 2 years now and i want to do something besides a hardbait and decided i wanted to paint a reel. Is there any info anyone could send my way to make my first time trying this easier? what kind of paint should i use and clear coat at the end? so far i only have createx and bsi 30 epoxy. is there any special process when tearing the reel apart that i should use? any info really bout anything related to painting reels would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Connor
  12. Small jerkbait made of linden wood, Lenght 9cm, weight 28gr. Painted with an airbrush...
  13. It looks better in person. My camera keeps over saturating images. Not my favorite but still fun
  14. Wisconsin Bass Man

    3RD Lure!

    I had my wife pick the bait this time. as for the color. I am heading to norther WI for a fishing week. and on that lake, I have always had luck with bright white and blues. So this one I started with opaque white, then a 2 coats of pearl white. got my bright blue pearl and shot it from the top to make the fade down, wrapped the net cloth over the lure and sprayed a custom mix of fire red pearl and lightning blue pearl for the deep purple. Took some opaque black on an artist sponge for the side speckle, epoxy the lure, then added glitter to the clear that was left, and brushed the belly. Hope you enjoy!
  15. I have been using an Iwata HP-CS airbrush. lately the trigger (when pressing down for air) gets sticky. I think some paint may have backed up and got down into the spring. I use lube on the trigger against that other metal part and I know thats not the issue. I can't seem to figure out how to get in to look at the spring or to get it clean. Someone suggested a ultra sonic jewelry cleaner. I'm planning on calling Iwata tech support later in the week if I can't get a resolution. I have tried some drops of airbrush cleaner down into the valve where the trigger is. That works but for a short time but sometimes longer. Ideas?? Thanks! Mike
  16. Recently ive been looking for an airbrush and compressor that are pretty good but wont break the bank. Any suggestions? Thanks
  17. I've made a decent amount of plugs and I've decided it's time to get some paint in order to paint these guys. However I'm sort of lost as to what colors I should get. In your opinion what are say 10 or 12 essential colors when painting lures? And what brands do you guys reccomend? Thanks for the help!
  18. I have an iwata revolution CR, and it seems I messed up the threads for the nozzle cross thread maybe but it almost looks like if I could find the tap the thread should clean up. Has anyone dealt with something like this.
  19. I have been painting crankbaits the old fashioned way and am thinking about upgrading to an airbrush. I have some questions, though, before I buy one. It's a little confusing, since I don't know anything about them. At this point I wouldn't be using it all that frequently, so I would like to get something that is affordable, and I can upgrade in the future if I want to. Any questions you can answer would be appreciated. Purchasing Where can I get a good airbrush for a beginner? What's a good brand/model? What size compressor do I need? Where can I get a compressor at a good price? I've seen some kits that use canned propellants. Are those any good? How long does one can last? Features Do any of these have a significant effect on the brush's usefulness for painting crankbaits? -Single action vs double action? -Internal mix vs external mix? -Gravity feed vs bottom feed? -Tip size? --Anything else that I may be unaware of?
  20. Hi everyone. Is there anyone in the MA or RI area that knows of a store that I can walk into to get quality water based airbrush paints? I am looking for Createx, Wicked, Life Tones ( hydro mist ) or Com-Art. I have been buying them on line and I have not seen them in any stores. If I want to buy a set its not bad, but to buy a single 2 oz bottle of a special color costs about 7 bucks !!! That's crazy!!! If anyone can tell me about a local store, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Jay
  21. Airbrushed trolling spoons for walleye fishing. Lacquer paint.

    © Katie Bartle 2013

  22. Cyberflexx

    20130617 102507

    2.5 blank, chartruese with florescent violet back, orange belly, pink throat and red gill marking. thin coat of epoxy, will re-coat tonight.
  23. Cyberflexx

    7 5 2013 Crankbait

    This started as a white bass pro shops bargain bin "tournament special". I primed it white, custom mix chartruese on the sides, a little pearl white on the top with a light blue spine and scale pattern. Yellow belly and pink throat. I used a red sharpie for the gill blood streaks and the dotted eyes and a black sharpie for the diamond kill dot. I used harbor freight 5 min epoxy diluted with rubbing alcohol and a tad of blue glitter mixed with it. Cured on the drywheel for 9 hours. I'm getting better and better... Whatcha think?
  24. Cyberflexx

    7 2 2013Crankbait

    I airbrushed this clearance rack Cotton Cordell deep diver last night. I did it in a Black back, hand mixed chartreuse, pearlized white mist the bottom (just a tad), and pink throat. Tell me what ya think.
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