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Found 3 results

  1. I using alumilite amazing casting resin white. 10mL equal parts with a scoop and a half of micro balloons in side A and side B. The problem I am having is my resin curing on the one half of my Mold. I noticed while I am mixing the micro balloons in my part B, the liquid is significantly heavier than the micro balloons. So much that there seems to be 1/8” of liquid in the bottom of my mixing cup that won’t bind with the micro balloons. Once I have it mixed with part a and poured in my mould I always find that the last half that I poured tends to have a soft spot, or on my last pour a pocket of liquid that extends the length of my lure . I cut new vents in my Mold, I mixed my resin longer, I’ve added more micro balloons and I’ve also reduced my micro balloons. I’m out of ideas and it’s getting to me. Please help!
  2. Hey I am brand new to pouring plastics and just ordered the alumilite soft bait kit from makelure.com I didn't know if anyone had some tips for making my mold or for the worm pouring process in general. Thanks in advance
  3. I have poured some Alumilite RC-3 test lures, tried foam but didn't find it best for my purpose. I poured, did very minor flash removal around wire through, washed in soap and water, waited a day or so before painting and base coated with white createx. Paint did not stick well. I have read in the forums that you can spray createx directly to RC-3 Wash with soap and water. Run through dish washer. Soak in boiling soapy water Wipe with denatured alchol. sand wait 5 days before painting I am willing to do what it takes but these will be semi mass produced and need to be good. Clear coat will most likely be etex. I am a bit confused as to what I should do or what I didn't do. From you guys that have used a lot of RC-3, what is your Procedure?
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