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Found 18 results

  1. © Copyright 2021 - CNC Molds N Stuff

  2. © Copyright 2021 - CNC Molds N Stuff

  3. © Copyright 2021 - CNC Molds N Stuff

  4. © Copyright 2021 - CNC Molds N Stuff

  5. © Copyright 2021 - CNC Molds N Stuff

  6. How do I wrap realistic baits? Any suggestion what stuff I should get? I'm new to this. Here's a pic below for sample...
  7. A roach pattern found only in Europe and Asia. It has a lateral rattle in it.
  8. DGagner

    Goa'uld swimbait

    Fashioned loosely after a goa'uld symbiote as seen on the scifi show Stargate SG-1. Just for fun.
  9. DGagner

    Perch, my first bait

    My first attempt at making a crankbait.
  10. DGagner

    Green crankbait

    Shallow diver
  11. DGagner

    Deeper diver

    I often see these coughed up by bass that I catch. Deep diver
  12. DGagner

    Cross rattle jerk bait

    This bait has a rattle that vibrates from side to side.
  13. Does anybody know of a process that will keep paint off the swivel on a horsehead/roadrunner jig?
  14. I want to get into pouring my own hard baits but I have 0 understanding of how it even works. What do I need? Do I make or buy molds? How long does it take? Where do you get supplies? Thanks so much.
  15. kidskicks

    Snake Pop ER

    This is my testing Lure for 2014, I call it a snake pop er, the top caps have a wood center and floats. All made from beer caps, Yes beer caps catch fish, tested in my other lures,, Fun testing lure for 2014

    © 2014

  16. So I was down at the Mississippi river yesterday for a fun day of just fishing my brains out caught tons of bass and some really nice ones... I noticed along the dam wall under water there were tons of creek chubs I tried some last little bit of crawler I had and nothing and I even made a quick 2 liter pop bottle trap (since the bottle was in the car) baited it with some crawler... .nothing... I did finally get one to smack a the absolute smallest jig I had in my box took for ever but it finally did... which I then in turn put it on a bigger hook and caught this... Just shy of a 4lbs smally on it... biggest I've caught out of the Mississippi... my question is does anyone have advice on catching these chubs... either on rod or in a minnow trap... bait for traps etc... thanks in advance guys.
  17. Hello TU Here´s a hard one for you! Gustav Germann at Gugerart.com made this nice looking bait for us. The pikes in Sweden really dont mind having a bite of new creative stuff. With best regards Jari aalto jaraal
  18. Hey everyone. I'm just starting making swimbaits. I've made 3 so far and working on 2 more. I have made all of them a one solid piece, meaning i don't split it in half to add my weights or screw eyes. What are the pros and cons in doing it this way. I see mainly everyone splitting their baits in half. I've attached some pics of the three baits i've made.
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