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Found 7 results

  1. Just getting started! Obviously I am an amateur. I know I don’t have to start with the very best airbrush, I can work my way up. Has anyone ever used a Masters bran air brush? Also as an amputee, I sometimes have over use issueswith my hand. Has anyone used a trigger style hairbrush? Beginners question. Do I need an air compressor with a tank or can I just run off the small 1/5 horsepower compressor? How loud are these honey type compressors? Sorry for silly questions, but as a double amputee I don’t get to go see everything. Have to trust in others
  2. I am just getting started pouring. I have some questions about some things that I think are important. My first question is If i was to pour one 3 cavity molds of 3 inch grubs out of a do it mold, where about should i fill the pyrex cup to and how much coloring and glitter to put in? My second question is how long should I let the plastic sit in the mold before taking the plastics out of the mold? My 3rd question is when heating up my plastisol should i heat up the plastisol a little then put coloring and fully heat it or just stir the platisol and put coloring in and heat it up to around 350
  3. Want to get into pouring soft plastics, but am interested in mainly hand pouring. however when I look at molds they are all injection molds, can I hand pour into those? if not what type of molds are for hand pouring? thanks,
  4. Hi all, I am new to the site and hard bait building. Last year I started lure making but stuck to easier lures like bucktails, spinnerbaits and some other hair/fur type lures. This off season I have decided to try my hand at some deep and shallow crankbaits and some dive/rise jerkbaits. These are for personal use only, I may give the odd one to a friend but I have no intention of selling them. I have spent the last several months reading a lot of material, includign a lot on here, and trying to figure out my plan of attack and have finally come up with the following process. 1) I will be
  5. VT_ORB


    Just curious if there are any other suppliers out there with plastisol, additives, colorants, etc. besides the basic Lurecraft, Baitjunkys, and Mudhole. Looking for decent prices for a beginner! Thanks!
  6. Hi! I want to get my brother a gift certificate for Christmas to somewhere online that sells lure-building supplies, but I don't know where to start.... Came across this forum and figured you all were the people to ask! Ideally, I'd like to find somewhere where he can pretty much get all the basics to make at least one lure. He's into fishing (obviously) and knife-making, so he may have some supplies and tools already from those, but I don't know what. I think he's most likely to be interested in making metal or wood lures... Also, he wants them for bass fishing, if that makes a difference. W
  7. So I need a little help from all the soft plastic legends out there. I want to start making my own soft platics but I dont really know where to start. I found two websites that offer kits. http://www.caneycreekmolds.com/Kit--Injection-Wacky_p_252.html http://www.bearsbaits.com/Stik-Bait-Kit-Worm-Mold-Kit_p_170.html Any help you guys can offer me would be great. Thanks
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