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Found 9 results

  1. the lure is poured tin , tied with bucktail hair any color , i usually add a soft white 6" worm.

    © robR92844

  2. I just started pouring bucktails for fluke fishing. I've been doing smaller ones without an issue. When I try pouring 5oz -8oz I'm having a hard time getting the lead to melt all the way around the collar. I've tried using a 10lb bottom pour and 2lb hot pot. I've had better results with the 2lb but still having issues. I've tried heating the mold, holding mold at an angle, adjusting my heat temp and varied my pouring speeds. Still not molding right. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Duff76


    9" Double 9s in Fl. orange and black @ 2.5 oz
  4. Have you ever seen this before? I took two spoons and put them together added a treble hook with a red and white bucktail and added a swivel on the front. The theory is the two spoons will clatter against one another as they go through the water. Comments Welcome.
  5. A pair of Muskie Bucktails I made with #9 Fluted Indiana Blades. Both baits have single 5/0 hand tied treble's dressed with Marabou and bucktail. The main bodies have a combo of Bucktail and Feathers, with a Crystal Flash/Tinsel for accents. With the marabou, the baits look like they are breathing in the water.

    © Wall1eye

  6. Starting point for discussion: We will start by using Wheel Weights to increase hardness. Many of us use them as a source of Antimony and they are either free or cheaper than pure lead. lets say we are molding 3/4 oz gigs and larger. What % of WW's do you recommend adding and why? What are Pros and Cons associated with increasing the hardness of lead. Fluxing Mold fill Prone to sticking in mold Mold flash Temperature of lead mixture Harder end product Powder coating Melt Temp Lead = 621 F Antimony = 1,167 F TIn = 449 F
  7. I tie mostly 3 - 5oz bucktail jigs used for bottom fishing in saltwater. Have used an el-cheapo vise for 4 years and its almost gone to the grave . Been looking for a reasonable vise that will accomodate 8/0 down to maybe 4/0 hooks. Mustad #91715 8/0 is the hook I use most. I would appreciate any help I can get. Not spending 300.00 on a vise, but don't care to spend 200.00 or less on a rotary model. Thanks T-Ball
  8. So I was at the Dollar Tree today to get some cheap zippy bags and what not and they have all there Halloween stuff out and low and behold there are these neon colored hair extensions for kids in every color for $1 well me being the cheap person I am I saw that and went well that would make a nice substitute for squirrel hair or bucktail for a $1 so anyway check this out I thought it was a good idea
  9. Hi guys I have been talking with Northern Scripture on FB for awhile now and mentioning to him he should post his how to make bucktail videos here but seeing his job load has increased and been crazy actually making and selling his lures he asked if I could post the videos for him it is a three part series on how to make a feathered bucktail lure. Enjoy! and if you have any questions for him he does have an account on TU, or youtube or facebook so ask away he said he would do his best right now to answer all that he gets.
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