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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys. Have enjoyed reading the site for a while and it is time to get my first mold. I was hoping I can get some recommendations for my first mold. I'm looking for an all purpose mold that would also be effective through some thick grass. I'd like to have a stout hook with a wide gap. Any suggestions?
  2. I have an older 5500c that stops at a certain point when it casts. I have greased and oiled everything I know to grease or oil. Any thoughts?
  3. Hello all, New to the forum. Had a question about finishing on metal casting spoons. Was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction on products that have worked for them in the past. I handmake a few different styles of casting spoons for trout/salmon ect and wanted to see if anyone could recommend a good epoxy/urethane or clear coat to use as a finish. I have tried a few marine grade metal finishes and applied them by both dipping and brushing. dipping is my preferred method of application but I'm open to suggestion. any help would be appreciated! Thanks i advance...
  4. Starting point for discussion: We will start by using Wheel Weights to increase hardness. Many of us use them as a source of Antimony and they are either free or cheaper than pure lead. lets say we are molding 3/4 oz gigs and larger. What % of WW's do you recommend adding and why? What are Pros and Cons associated with increasing the hardness of lead. Fluxing Mold fill Prone to sticking in mold Mold flash Temperature of lead mixture Harder end product Powder coating Melt Temp Lead = 621 F Antimony = 1,167 F TIn = 449 F
  5. Does anybody know how I could go about molding clear crankbaits with the bill? I want it to float, any help would be appreciated.
  6. have watched make a lure and aluminite vids and looked on their page but its just so confusing. I have been making pvc baits but want tot try resin. I was wondering what materials do I need to buy. the materials I need for making the mold as well as the resin used for making the swimbait. thanks guys.
  7. Hi all, In the past I tried some of this stuff (feather lite) yet the results were pretty good I hade some issues with the bubbles on the surface, I was expecting a clear result but it seems there is a reaction between the components because the mixture expands a little bit (by far less than foam) which I think involves some heat resulting in air traped bubbles (don't know if this happens inside the body as well) So for obtaining a shiny surface I am considering the following things: - the room temperature, I don't remember if it was the one indicated in the tehnical buletin - pressure casting - can someone help me on this...how it is done? - vibrating table - I think maybe putting the mold on such a table may cause the bubbles to rise Any other ideas might help, please feel free to share them P.S. vodkaman hope you are still around
  8. With all the hype lately, I would have expected to see more discussion about these rigs on this forum. Or is everyone keeping it close to the vest? I notice e-bay is flooded with them now. Sounds like a great opportunity for the custom lure maker.
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