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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, I am getting to the point where I can no longer keep up with doing clear coat by brushing one at a time, I would like to set up a spray system. I am putting out 30 to 50 crankbaits a day and it would be helpful if I could spray them. I have dabbled with dick nite a bit with varying results, not to say its not the answer. I may not be using the proper spray equipment. I am open to any ideas at all that will speed up production from devcon. Any thoughts on car clear coat? Thanks
  2. Hey all, I have a problem. No, it's not finding enough time to make more baits, we ALL have that problem. What I am having a hard time doing is making a cup of crystal clear, bubble free plastisol, which I can then shoot into a 2 cavity mold, and, if it doesn't turn amber (BIG if), then a cup allows me 5 shots = 10 baits. Currently, I am lucky to get 3-4 shots before it changes color, and that is if I can get a clear cup of bubble free plastic. I currently have a microwave and a hot plate, the microwave is fast, heats up the material quickly, and creates foamy cups of plastic that just **** me off. The hotplate does a better job if I go low and slow and stir very frequently, but as often as not it will just go amber even before it reaches 350 (using a digital heat gun), like it's getting too much heat. Heat stabilizer or no stabilizer, it doesn't make a difference, with either the micro or hotplate. I do not want to start a plastic war, I won't even say which brand I'm using, other than it's a reputable brand which sells lots of plastisol, it's the saltwater formula (hard), and it works great if I put any colorant or glitter into it, I can shoot baits all day so long as they are colored, one of the best patterns is black with red eyes, easy-peasy, but one of the patterns that works so well is a clear bait with a little color along the back (It's a sandeel bait). I'd guess that 2 out of 20 that I'm making will be acceptable, meaning, it pleases me.....no bubbles, clear plastic, and even though the fish don't seem to care, I do. If I'm going to spend my time doing something, I want it to come out the way I want it to. So, if anyone has a recipe for a cup of clear, bubble free, non-amber plastic, I'd love to hear it, or see it, post a pick in the image forum. I'll post a pic of one of my baits in there so you can get the idea. I have also done a lot of reading here using the search function, and have mostly just read a bunch of bitching about plastic. Can we please avoid that? But if you have a specific brand which has allowed you to get really clear plastic, I'd love to hear it. Thanks, Ed
  3. I really want to try the Alumi-uv, but can someone give me an idea about the coverage? I'm curious about how long a $30 4oz bottle would last? Approximately how many average size crankbaits (1.5/2.5) it would cover with a single coat? Some way to compare the cost verus 2-part epoxies. The stuff is expensive, and It seems like it would at minimum triple the cost per lure.
  4. Sorry guys, I've been a 'lurker' for quiet some time here, and low and behold, my first post is about one of the top repeated subjects. Sorry. At least I searched the forum for the subject with only one result that offered no information. Does anyone use, or have previously used "Klear Kote" for topcoating plastic lures? If so, how does it perform versus D2 and other topcoats? Drying time, durability, etc. I know that it's been used for years on various tables, clocks and such, and is known to be clear, hard, and scratch resistent. Economically priced at $86 shipped for 2 gallons (.33¢ / ounce). http://www.creativewholesale.com/ProductDetail/tabid/174/ProductID/1290/Default.aspx
  5. Does anybody know how I could go about molding clear crankbaits with the bill? I want it to float, any help would be appreciated.
  6. I have heard of this Solarez. I am looking to get started in our making and trying to find the cheapest way out on everything that will also produce the best product for the price. I have heard this stuff does really good. So my question to everyone is what exactly is it, how is it applied/used, where to get it, price and how is the product?
  7. I finally fixed the order problem for you guys! I built a new order page for TackleUndergrounders! No more of the old, "send an email, wait for a response and for me to pack the order and weigh it so I can send you a PayPal invoice, wait for a response, me get the payment, write up the order in the computer, put the shipment into the UPS software, print the label, and ship the order all while you wait again" process... Trust me, I appreciate the hassle it has been for all of you, and I assure it has been no cake-walk here either... Well, it's all fixed, in place, and ready to roll! Now, you simply go to the site, click "Add to Cart" for the items you want, enter your information for PayPal, click "Check Out" and it automatically gives you your approximately 65% discount, figures the shipping (using a flat $10 rate now - I'll eat whatever more it is in order to expedite this process), takes your payment, and sends the order directly to my shipping department! Orders should ship the next business day from now on! Here's the link to the new order page - it's the same as the old link: http://www.dicknite.com/TU_Lander.htm You might want to bookmark it, make it a favorite, or whatever it is called in your browser, because it is not accessible from the main web site. It is only for TackleUnderground members and their friends and families! You are still getting the same price large-scale manufacturers get. It's in the neighborhood of 65% off of retail. The prices listed on the site include the discount, so there are no codes to put in, or hoops to jump through. Since you are going there from TU, I know you are legit! I plan on adding a few things to it in the future, like clicking on each paint color and having it pop up a window with information about it, MSDS sheet downloads, and the like, but for now, this is going to solve the biggest problem we have had - you having to wait for this fat old-guy to catch up enough to get the orders processed manually! I really want to thank you all for your patience over the past several years. You have been more than generous with your understanding and I can't express how much that has meant to me. TackleUndergrounders are the absolute best customers I have! Thanks again, Dick
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