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Found 10 results

  1. I'm running into an issue with green chartreuse (lurecraft) not dispersing into my plastisol. No matter how much I shake the bottle before adding it in it won't completely dissolve, leaving little dots of colorant suspended in the mix. Anyone have any idea on how to remedy this? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, im just getting into this hobby of making my own soft baits, and i've got a quick question... How do you go about making a solid color worm, grub, etc like the soft baits you get with a beetlespin? all of the plastics i see are clear, and since i have no experience i can only go by my own assumption that adding colorant would simply tint the clear and i would end up with a transparent / translucent style bait rather than the solid colors like you find on a beetle spin / crappie magnet / etc ... i know these also come in the translucent colors but i cant think of another comparison to explain what im going for do they make a white plastic that you add your colors to? --- ya know, like how ya mix paint...get the white base and then add your color to taste.... or is it as simple as "add enough color to clear and it wont be translucent"? thanks for the help!
  3. Does anyone have a recipe or might know something to get started with for getting an aquamarine color? I have a color combination I'd like to try and am looking for some advice. Could it possibly work if I used Lure works Emerald Green 121 and Fluorescent Blue 161? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys i got 2 questions ? 1. I'm still having trouble getting the transparency out of my blue sapphire the more blue I go the darker it seems I want a good bright blue I have phthalo blue and ultra marine blue from lure works. 2. How much uv- go are y'all putting with any of your plastic?
  5. Hi, How to get the melon frog color?
  6. I've made a decent amount of plugs and I've decided it's time to get some paint in order to paint these guys. However I'm sort of lost as to what colors I should get. In your opinion what are say 10 or 12 essential colors when painting lures? And what brands do you guys reccomend? Thanks for the help!
  7. Hy guys, i'm from italy. glad to meet everybody. let me ask you a question that I have not found answer yet. in some quality lures I noticed that the color is translucent and iridescent. If we look at the lure with a light source back you can see nuances and shades of color other than the ones you see when I look at the lure placed on a surface. Can you tell me exactly what type of pigment or dye must be used to have that effect? thank you very much for your response.
  8. Has anybody used Krylon glitter paint in a rattle can for some flash?
  9. How do you guys test new colors with out wasting plastic and time? I remember there being post about some one using baby oil to test new colors but I can't find that thread, got tired after searching through 15 pages.
  10. Hey guys I painted the front bait first and went to the neighbors pond to try it out. In about 30 minutes I caught 4 fish on it. First fish was a 6-7 lb Flathead Cat , followed by 3 LMBs in the 1-2 lb range . It was AWESOME I am definitely hooked on painting my own lures now. Since this color/pattern did so well first time out I am trying a couple different baits in this same color/pattern. Will be hitting the Arkansas River next week.
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